Greens will vote down childcare if 15 hours not guaranteed

Minister’s Blatant Transport Privatisation Agenda Shows Complete Disregard for Public Needs

NSW Transport Minister, Andrew Constance has told media of the government’s vision for a completely privatised public transport network. Mr. Constance told AFR on Monday that “in 10 to 15 years’ time, government will not be in the provision of transport services”.

Greens and Labor secure support for senate inquiry into broken Community Development Program

$730 million war chest

The Government is still cutting payments from vulnerable people to pay for childcare and it should not be supported: Greens

$1.4 billion in cuts

Victorian government responsible for protected duck slaughter

The Greens have condemned the Victorian government’s declaration that duck shooting opening weekend was a success, as hundreds of protected and threatened birds were illegally shot and killed.

Giving more people the freedom to ride their bikes

An independent international fact finding mission into human rights abuses in Rakhine State

Greens oppose harsh omnibus bill and call on crossbench to do the same

Senate calls for federal investment for people who ride bikes

Justice for teargassed youth at Don Dale welcome: Greens

Reallocate Roe 8 funding to rehabilitation and public transport

Senate calls for action on Aboriginal hearing health

Australian Greens respond to Native Title Amendment Bill 2017

Labor's meth plan ignores need for rehab services

The Greens have called Labor’s meth trafficking plan just more of the same punitive approach to a useless war on drugs that ignores the main game on drugs, which is the dire need for resources into rehab services.

Better bushfire readiness as summers get hotter: Greens

The Greens would fight to create a fully independent rural/bushfire service for volunteer firefighters to deal with mitigation, bushfireresponse and to support local governments in building regional community resilience as the threat of bushfires intensify into the future.

Multiculturalism is a wonderful thing

Greens: Xenophon is wrong about super for housing

The Greens say the 'super for housing' scheme is an idiotic idea that will make housing affordability worse, and have criticised Senator Nick Xenophon for signalling his support for it.

Greens MP calls for Rental security to be part of solution to housing crisis in NSW

Greens NSW spokesperson for Housing Jenny Leong MP says that the NSW Government must consider the needs of the growing number of tenants facing lifelong renting as they address the housing affordability crisis.