How do you summarise four days of life-changing panels and workshops by world-leading Greens MPs and activists? The Global Greens Congress in Liverpool, UK brought together 109 Greens Parties from 90 countries.

Robin Chapple in a car with flyers

Everybody in WA held their breath before we discovered that once again, Robin Chapple, aka Lazarus, had defied the odds and secured a spot in the WA Parliament. But who's the man beneath the hat?

Diane Evers, WA MP

Continuing our profiles of the new WA MPs, we're proud to introduce 53-year-old Diane Evers, MLC elect for the South West Region WA.  

Alison Xamon has been a member of the Greens since 1990 and has recently been reelected as a Member of the Legislative Council in the WA State Parliament.

Global Greens Conference in Dakar in 2012

Global Greens 2017 Congress is here! We have a 30-strong Australian delegation and will be live-blogging over the four days we're in Liverpool UK.

2017: What's your new year's resolution?

It's a new dawn, it's a new day… it's a new life… 2017 is here and we resolve to do better. We asked our MPs, staff and supporters to share their resolutions. If you haven't made one yet, maybe one here will inspire you.

Everybody experiences a federal election from a different perspective. What was the election like for some of the people behind the scenes?

Our brains are wired to notice moving images. And since grabbing our attention is the first step to persuading people, video is a powerful tool in the Greens kit.

Jim Casey sitting down inside a cafe looking out at the street

Get to know Jim Casey, Greens candidate for Grayndler (currently held by Labor's Anthony Albanese) in Sydney.

The campaign is heating up! What are you doing this weekend? Whichever state or territory you live in, there's something on this weekend and next. Get involved!

As Greens online, we can and must do better than trolling and personal attacks. This article is required reading for all Greens members, staff and supporters.

DO NOT RE USE THIS IMAGE. Supplied with permission but not for reuse.

Finally, a way to avoid bigots without adding stress to your life. This head-mounted system scans for bigots, plays soothing music and tells them to rack off as well. I want one!