Standing up for higher education

Universities are places where students challenge themselves, learn about the world and encounter new ideas.

Higher education is an investment, not a cost. The Greens standing up for students and higher education. The Liberal Party's plan to deregulate universities, driving university fees up to $100,000, is still on the table. The Greens will always oppose the Liberals' plans to shift costs onto students, making it harder for young people to access higher education, and lumping them with enormous student debts. The Greens believe that higher education is about access and opportunity, not wealth and privilege.

Student control of student affairs

The Greens support the retention of the Student Services and Amenities Fee and want to see services and representation on campus that are student-driven and student-led.

Safe spaces

Safe spaces for students allow students to get the most out of their university experience.

The Greens believe it is crucial that universities develop policies to create safe environments for queer students, women and students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

We will continue to campaign for safe spaces in universities across the country.

Protecting scholarships

Last year, Labor and the Liberals came together to hike up HELP fees for university students by converting the Student Start-Up Scholarship into a loan.

The Student Start-Up Scholarship allows students from disadvantaged or low-income backgrounds to purchase the textbooks and equipment they need to study, and for many it is the difference between being able to pay their rent or buy groceries, and not. The Scholarship is a necessity for most students on Youth Allowance, not a choice.

The Greens are calling for this decision to be reversed and for the Student Start-Up Scholarships to be turned back into a grant.

Investing in our future

Universities are institutions of the future, yet many still invest in dangerous, polluting fossil fuels.

The Greens applaud the work that students have down all over the country to get their universities to divest from dangerous fossil fuels. We will continue to campaign with students and lecturers for fossil fuel-free higher education.

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