Cameron Boyd

Candidate for Barron River

I am standing as a Greens candidate to make Australia a better place for my son and future generations by protecting our natural environment and generating sustainable industries.

I see growing discontent with the political system caused by many of our politicians lacking respect for the people they are supposed to represent. My vision is of a diverse, multicultural society that respects the views of all people and evidence-based policies that put people before profit.

At the local community level I'm working for a fairer society, building our multicultural Cairns, protecting and improving our environment, and helping local entrepreneurs convert great ideas into great companies.

I also get great pleasure from exploring our natural environment on land and at sea, and the night sky as an avid astrophotographer. I keep fit as an eastern and western martial arts instructor.

I have lived in Cairns for 5 years, previously finished high school in Townsville and see myself staying in the tropics. I own a small business offering professional services in project management, systems engineering and quality assurance, primarily in Defence and Aerospace.