Peter Burgoyne

Candidate for Burleigh

As a Gold Coast local, I’m proud to be a part of a community that’s vibrant, close-knit and pulls together in the tough times.

I’ve worked as a computer designer, university lecturer, consultant to the United Nations, science researcher and policy adviser, and now run my own small business. I can bring my expertise from all these fields to be an effective member for Burleigh who always puts his constituents before any corporation.

I migrated to Australia back in 1973, after living down south I found Queensland an ideal place to settle: a great climate and strong local economies that worked for people. Today, many Queenslanders are struggling and I want us to return to a society that gives everyone a fair go regardless of their wealth, skin colour or social standing. The first step towards levelling the playing field for Queenslanders is reforming our political donations laws so that parliamentarians from all sides are working for people not multinational corporations.

I stand for a fairer Queensland with real and effective action on global warming, better town planning and affordable housing, integrated public transport, more jobs in renewable energy, more investment in training and education, fair access to health care, fairer taxation and greater fiscal responsibility.

I’m proud to stand as the Greens candidate for Burleigh in this state election.