Dave Nelson

Candidate for Chatsworth

I’m an electrical engineer and have been settled in the Capalaba area for over a decade. As someone who works in electricity generation, I’m keen to work towards solutions that put people before profit and ensure all Queenslanders have access to cheap, renewable energy.

I decided to enter into politics after experiencing how much change has occurred throughout the world. Looking at the old parties, it’s clear to me that politics is being dragged to the right and that they have abandoned their base in favour of corporations and donations. I know the Greens offer a strong progressive alternative that isn’t afraid to stand up for what matters and for Queenslanders always.

As the Greens candidate for Chatsworth, I’m keen to see that our local state schools are properly funded under Gonski, our local hospital is held to a high standard, and that our residents’ voices are always heard.

I want to ensure our community’s needs are listened to and acted upon, and I know having a progressive Greens voice in Queensland parliament can achieve that.

I’m proud to stand for the Greens in Chatsworth.