Daile Kelleher

Candidate for Clayfield

I’m a Hamilton local who has worked in retail for 20 years, most recently as state manager for St Vincent de Paul’s retail stores. I’m excited to listen to and help give the power back to those who have been ignored by the two old parties for too long.

Hamilton, and the Clayfield electorate as a whole, are undergoing a period of transition and growth. I know that locals love their own community, and that they are frustrated by the lack of consultation and transparency around property development. I want to ensure that local people have a say in the development in our electorate, and that housing affordability, green space, infrastructure and sustainability are priorities for the Queensland Government into the future.

The old two-party system has continually ignored the rights and voices of Queenslanders in favour of corporations and ideology; so I decided to run for the Greens because I know the Greens will always put people before profit.

I’m proud to stand as the Greens candidate for Clayfield in the upcoming election.