Sally Spain

Candidate for Gaven

I grew up in the Gold Coast Hinterland, and I’m passionate about conserving our natural heritage here and across the State. As President of the Gold Coast and Hinterland Branch of Wildlife Queensland, I’ve driven many campaigns throughout the region to save our wildlife, preserve our environment and ensure our local voices are heard by all levels of government.

I want to see every Queensland child have access to a high quality education. We need to ensure all schools across the Gold Coast are continually funded under the Gonski model.

I’m standing in this election for the Queensland Greens because no other party stands up for all Queenslanders in the face of corporate pressures. Because the old parties take corporate donations, Queenslanders’ voices are being drowned out in favour of the wishes of corporations. We can see the result of this corporate power in the loss of habitat throughout Queensland and rampant and unsustainable property development. 

As the Greens candidate for Gaven, I’ll work tirelessly to protect our natural heritage, ensure our kids receive the best education, and provide decent living conditions for all who reside on the Gold Coast.  

I’m proud to be a member of a party that will never be deterred from working for equality for all.