Navdeep Singh

Candidate for Inala

I’ve lived and worked in Inala for a number of years, and I’m passionate about putting our communities before profit.

As a mechanic, I’ve been working every day to make ends meet while watching career politicians playing up with our taxpayer dollars. Rather leading the nation according to people’s needs they are helping corporates to benefit. My fellow commoners are losing the grip on their destiny. This frustration led me to the Greens. Because the party doesn’t depend on money from big business, the Greens are able to put Queenslanders first.

As your Greens candidate for Inala, I want to see everyone in the community able to take part in a truly democratic process and reap the benefits of the honest and fair government we deserve.

I have a family to feed and have to pay the bills like everyone else. With this understanding of everyday life, I believe I can be an effective member for Inala who can help everyone work towards achieving the dreams we all share.

Together, we can get rid of the career politicians and work towards our shared future. We can make Queensland peaceful, sustainable, and free of the corruption that dominates the two old parties and successive state governments.

I’m proud to stand for the Greens in Inala and I’m excited to bring your voice to the Queensland Parliament.