Pat Walsh

Candidate for Ipswich

Since I moved to Ipswich from London sixteen years ago with my wife Teresa and three beautiful children, I have come to love this proud, passionate and caring community.

As a family we have been fortunate to be connected to a number of the church, sporting and cultural associations that make Ipswich a special place to live and raise children. It is also these community groups that build the resilience that Ipswich is famous for.

The importance of community and adequately funded social services has become increasingly clear for me. I have dedicated my accountancy career to the not-for- profit sector and have worked across a range of social service policy areas, including affordable housing, child and family services and aged care.

It is vital that we put people first and I am excited by the Greens’ plans to work hard to fix our broken political system. I’m convinced that the only long-term answer to the immense challenges our society faces is a political party that stands by its principles of social justice, respect for the environment, participation of all in democracy, and non-violence.

It is this conviction that drives me to stand up for the people of Ipswich in the upcoming State election. Together, we can reverse economic disadvantage, increase health and education funding, improve public transport, protect our environment and keep developers and mining companies out of politics. I’m proud to stand as the Greens candidate for Ipswich in this Queensland election.