Elliot Jennings

Candidate for Mackay

I’ve lived in Mackay for the past few years after moving up from Maryborough, and I love the vibrant lifestyle and close-knit community the city offers. I’ve worked in retail for a number of years and I’m passionate about providing the region with a voice that always puts people before profit.

Our region faces a number of challenges: job security, mental health, environmental damage, and drug-related crime make up a small but significant number of issues I want to solve. As your representative I will strive to work continually with communities to seek input and feedback in order to address these issues.

In Queensland politics, it seems that once an election is over, our region is ignored and our needs go unmet. If our region continues to be ignored by the Queensland Parliament, we won’t see the actions and policies we so desperately need to improve the lives of local people.

Much-needed action is being obstructed in Queensland, in Mackay especially, because of the influence of corporate donations on both the old parties. If we want to see success for our region, we need Queensland Parliament representatives who are willing to stand up for the communities they represent instead of multinational corporations.

I’m proud to be the Greens candidate for Mackay because it is the party that refuses to accept corporate donations,

You can be sure I’ll work hard towards achievements that benefit our communities first.