Jason Kennedy

Candidate for Murrumba

I’ve lived locally with my wife and three daughters for the past twenty years. The Pine Rivers region is my home and I love living and raising my family in this vibrant community.

I’m passionate about small business and want to make sure the Queensland Parliament makes laws that strike a balance between economic prosperity and enriching our communities.

Having worked in and around Kallangur in the retail industry for over two decades, and now owning my own business, I’m uniquely aware of the challenges that small business owners face in our community.

I’m passionate about innovation and technology that improves our quality of life, while also contributing to the local economy.

The two old parties are abandoning their community supporters because they want corporate donations; I share the anger our community feels when we see that politicians are no longer working for us.

I joined the Greens because I know they put people before profit and support investing in our essential services like health and education.

I belong to local business associations and environmental groups because I believe that sustainable business is the way forward. The Greens want to advance our state economy through sustainable practices and by sharing our prosperity equally among every member of the Queensland community.

I’m proud to stand for the Greens in Murrumba this Queensland election.