Brad Scott

Candidate for Oodgeroo

I have been a Cleveland and Redlands local for years, I run a business here with my wife and have raised my two children in the area.

As a business owner and former soldier, I’m passionate about economic stability, jobs and having a responsible approach to climate change and its effects.

While raising my family on the bay I have seen importance of ensuring our natural environment is preserved, because it is fundamental to a sustainable and healthy society.

The two old parties are not interested in the voices of Queenslanders anymore. I’m standing for the Greens because they recognise that economic prosperity and a healthy society go hand in hand with the protection of a natural heritage.

A fair economy means everyone shares in our prosperity as a region and State. As the elected representative for Oodgeroo, I will ensure everyone pays their fair share so we can invest in our essential services such as health and education and work towards a better future for every member of the community.

I’m proud to stand for the Greens in Oodgeroo in this election.