Corey Lunnon

Candidate for Redcliffe

I was born and raised in Redcliffe, and moved back to the region in 2012 with my husband, David. My 17-year career in education and care gives me skills that will help me serve the community well as the member of Redcliffe.

Redcliffe is a wonderful place to live and work, with our vibrant multicultural community, our famous waterways and thriving small business sector that all support each other.

I’m passionate about working for the best future for our local environment and our local community.

Our beautiful Redcliffe waterways and marine environment need protection from pollution and waste, not least because these wonderful natural assets bring visitors who benefit the local small business sector. Supporting a strong safe local community also benefits the local economy.

All members of the Queensland Parliament go into the job with the intention first and foremost of serving their communities. As the Greens candidate for Redcliffe, I will work to ensure that the Queensland Parliament addresses housing affordability, homelessness, a protected environment and support for local businesses and community before the interests of corporate political donors.

We need a forward-thinking Queensland Parliament that looks to the future for solutions and ensures laws are made in the best interests of its constituents.

I’m running for the Greens because their evidence-based policies always seek to improve our communities and put people before profit.

I’m proud to be the Greens candidate for Redcliffe in this upcoming state election.