Miree Le Roy

Candidate for Sandgate

As a long-term resident of Sandgate, a mother of three and a business owner, I am aware of the issues that are facing our community. Recently I have become increasingly concerned that politicians are not acting in the best interests of the public and now, more than ever, the people of Sandgate need a State representative that will fight for them.

Holding dual citizenship for Australia and New Zealand and having lived in Papua New Guinea has taught me how fortunate we are to live in a place with good education and a clean environment and I realise this must be protected.

Climate Change is the greatest challenge of our time. Storms are becoming more violent and for many years we have had to deal with flooding on the Sandgate foreshore during king tides, this is only going to get worse if action isn't taken.

I had the honour of being the President of the Nashville State School for a number of years and worked closely with some of the pillars of our school community. I saw first-hand the funding challenges faced by our schools and the need for a strong voice fighting for our children's future.

Corporate political donations are the scourge of the current political system. That's why I support the Greens position on putting people before profit and banning all corporate donations to political parties.

I am proud to stand as the Greens candidate for Sandgate and I will always put people before profit, ensuring the best outcomes for our community.