Michelle Le Plastrier

Candidate for Southport

Born and raised on the Gold Coast, I'm passionate about our communities and I want to bring fresh ideas and initiatives that serve our entire society, regardless of financial status.

I've worked in retail and tourism for over a decade and now, starting my own small business, I recognise how many Queenslanders are tired of the same old politics and policies that only serve the interests of corporations - often political donors - and not our own community.

The Gold Coast has so much to offer and, as the Greens candidate for Southport, I want to inspire our friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to be involved with community development and prosperity. Issues like housing affordability, youth employment and public health and education desperately need to be addressed by our Queensland Government. We need to support our local tourism and music industries and create jobs that will contribute to the local economy.

I look forward to listening to real community concerns because I am sure that together we are capable of tackling the issues facing Southport; let's open a dynamic dialogue within our community.

As your Greens candidate we can utilise the power of people to further the movement of enriching and inspiring initiatives.

I'm proud to stand as the Greens candidate for Southport in this upcoming state election.