Neil Cotter

Candidate for Springwood

I’ve grown up in Logan, lived here almost my entire life, and now I have a home and a mortgage here. I love how vibrant and tight-knit our wide community can be, and I’m passionate about making sure everyone enjoys the region and that we get our fair share.

With a degree in behavioural science, I’ve worked at the Griffith University library for over a decade. My personal and professional life has exposed me to how unfair our society is, and as a member of the Greens for the past 13 years, I’ve worked towards addressing the increasingly heavy burden of cost of living on ordinary people. There is imbalance in our society when it comes to housing affordability, access to health & education, and, feeding into all of this is the imbalance in our democracy.

At the root of many of the challenges facing Queensland is the fact that both the old parties take millions of dollars of political donations from corporations, in the gambling, mining, property development, financial, and other sectors. We deserve a state government that puts the needs of voters ahead of big business.

The Greens strive for a real, representative democracy and the basic principle of fairness that’s fundamental to the character of Queensland. We don’t take corporate donations and we continue to work for democratic reforms that ensure we put Queensland residents before multinational companies.

I’m proud to be the Greens candidate for Springwood at this Queensland election.