Sue Weber

Candidate for Tibrogargan

I'm a Sunshine Coast Hinterland local who cares deeply about issues like the effect of coal and coal seam gas mining on our farming communities, and the widening gap between the wealthy and the poor.

Trained as a barrister, I spend my time as a mediator in the Sunshine Coast region. When I'm not working, I run a small farm on my property with rescued farm animals.

Politics is divisive and does not address the issues that really matter to the people of the hinterland community. Issues like the widening wealth gap and the sale of our farming land to foreign owners is being ignored while the two old parties continue to make laws that benefit big corporations.

I joined the Greens because of the failure of the two old parties to address matters that concern everyday Queenslanders. I know that the Greens always put people before profit - and this ensures that we get positive outcomes for our communities, and advance our local and state economies.

I'm proud to stand as the Greens candidate for Tibrogargan in this upcoming state election.