Daniel Kwon

Candidate for Broadwater

I’ve lived on the Gold Coast since 2011, studying journalism and now working as an employment advisor down in Coomera. My passion in life is helping others through my job - encouraging youth engagement in the community and assisting fellow residents to find meaningful employment.

Housing affordability, health care and public transport are important issues facing us in Queensland, but especially so on the northern Gold Coast. As a long-time advocate for quality mental healthcare and housing affordability, and even opening my own house to people in need, I recognise that the Queensland Government needs an action plan for both these areas of concern.

For too long, State politics has revolved around the two old parties and their decisions that seem to always benefit the corporations that donate to them. From property developers to gambling corporations, the ALP and LNP have received millions of dollars in donations and have policies that match the wishes of these companies.  

If we’re to address important public health issues and housing affordability, it’s time to acknowledge that the two old parties in Queensland receive donations from corporations that make conditions worse for our residents.

The Greens refuse corporate donations, and will move towards banning donations from companies involved in the gambling, property development, tobacco and alcohol industries in Queensland.

I’m proud to be the Greens candidate for Broadwater and I want to see a Queensland and Gold Coast where people and their basic needs are put before profit - every single time.