Global Warming

The Greens have a plan to stand strong for a 100% renewable Australia.

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We need to do much more to encourage clean energy investment in Australia. While the old parties wax and wane on tackling global warming, pricing pollution and building clean energy, the Greens have a plan to stand strong for a 100% renewable Australia.

The Greens helped build the foundations of the clean energy economy in Australia with the Clean Energy Act. Charging big companies to pollute, investing the money in clean energy and helping Australians save energy at home is working: energy pollution is down more than 7% already.

But global warming is already hurting, with floods and heatwaves already becoming more frequent and dangerous. That means we need to urgently cut the pollution driving global warming. Still, the old parties are propping up big fossil fuel companies with billions of dollars in tax breaks, planning to massively expand coal exports, and pushing coal seam gas projects that endanger our food, water & farmers. Tony Abbott actually wants to scrap everything we’ve done, and fast-track huge coal mines that would spell the end of a safe climate.

The Greens know that we need to do more to cut pollution and encourage clean energy investment in Australia if we want a safe climate for everyone. We commit to keeping action on global warming at the core of what we do.


Every one of the 1.6 million Australians that voted Green in 2010 made a massive difference. By putting the Greens in a strong position in Parliament, you secured action on global warming: pricing pollution, investing in clean energy, protecting our environment and much more.

We can achieve even more if you help us stop the old parties gaining total control — imagine an Australia powered entirely by wind, sun and waves. Will you be a part of the vision?