Samantha Dunn

MLC for Eastern Metropolitan

I care about you and your family. I am a strong voice for you in Parliament, representing our shared vision to improve the East's liveability and standing up for forests, public transport, cycling and road safety.

I've grown up in the east of Melbourne, my family moved here back in the 1970's. My background is working in finance and administration in both the private and not for profit sector. I know what it's like to access distant health services, the challenge of finding local education options and the constant battle travelling to work. The East is a great place to live, but it's under pressure. I understand the issues that impact on people in the region.

I want our children to grow up in a city that looks after future generations, both young and old. I want public transport to be a viable way for us to get around. I want clean energy to power our houses, action on climate change and a healthy environment with open spaces for us all to enjoy. I'm a strong advocate for improved public transport and passionate about biodiversity, better planning laws, economic development and responding to climate change.

I will be a strong voice for the people of Eastern Metropolitan and a healthy and sustainable future. ​

If you'd like to learn more about Samantha, check out Getting to Know Samantha Dunn.

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Regional train travellers should prepare to stand for long periods, with V/line CEO James Pinder today conceding there is no plan to cut overcrowding on regional train services.

The V/line CEO appeared before a Victorian parliamentary inquiry to explain worsening overcrowding, deteriorating punctuality and inform the public of potential for the Murray Basin rail project to incorporate passenger trains.

Greens transport spokesperson Samantha Dunn said the government need to fund major V/line improvements in the upcoming budget.

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Sun, 23/04/2017 - 10:45am

Ms DUNN (Eastern Metropolitan) — In terms of this particular inquiry I think it is important to note that as part of the inquiry into ridesourcing services there were of course the issues around compensation for taxi licences that played a part in that inquiry. For that inquiry, what was going to be contained in a bill was pure speculation, and noone really knew what the content of the bill would be, which we now know as the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Bill 2017.

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The Premier should be starting to worry. Last month, his government quietly decided a metre doesn’t matter, and that they wouldn’t be embracing legislation for a minimum passing distance. Instead, they’re proposing an education campaign - a good step, but not a complete solution.