A Green Budget

We are the only party that understands that the economy must work for the benefit of society and not the other way around.

The Greens want an Australia where everyone gets great public education and healthcare, and where we can fund vital nation building infrastructure. 

This means being upfront about growing our revenue base by getting rid of unfair tax breaks, asking the very wealthy to pay more and directing investment into productive areas of the economy.

It's time to grow the new economy, using clean energy to generate sustainable jobs and income for the future. We have everything we need, except the political will to invest for the future and the courage to take on the vested interests of the past. To make the transition we need to stop treating debt like a rude word. Borrowing now so you've got a productive asset in the future makes for a worthwhile investment.

Australia's economy is in transition, and we have an opportunity to invest in the economy and raise revenue for the things we care about. By reforming unfair tax breaks such as the diesel fuel rebate for miners, superannuation tax concessions, capital gains tax concessions and negative gearing for new properties the Greens will restore government revenue to around 26 per cent of GDP, the same level as under John Howard, within the next four years.

Raising the revenue

Removing tax free fuel and other perks for miners

$24 billion

Removing the capital gains tax discount and negative gearing

$14 billion

Cancel the Joint Strike Fighter Acquisition 

$17 billion

Putting a price on carbon pollution

$16 billion

The Buffett Rule, to ensure high-income earners pay their share of tax

$8.4 billion

Stopping the concealment and splitting of income by trusts

$4 billion

Reverse recently passed income tax cuts for highest earners

$4 billion