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  • Bee image (cc) by WanderingSolesPhotography

    A new national Biosecurity Authority would protect us from pests and diseases in a world facing climate change.

  • Child at the dentist

    Millions of Australians are unable to afford proper dental care. The Greens Denticare plan will ensure dental care for all Australians.

  • People in small businesses are the heart of the economy but disadvantaged compared with big business. Our plan will ease the pressure on small business.

  • Only the Greens have a vision and a plan to build a clean, efficient, transport future with high speed rail.

  • The Greens will invest an extra $664 million in Medicare to keep out-of-pocket health costs down for everyone.

  • Social housing: building houses for the most vulnerable

    We will fund an investment scheme to build 122,000 new social housing dwellings across Australia to care for those in most urgent need of secure affordable housing.

  • The Greens care about people – that’s why we want to protect human rights and introduce stronger legal protections for all Australians.

  • Bandicoot

    We need to make big changes urgently if our iconic Australian species are to survive.

  • Image of a man sitting on an array of solar panels

    The Greens' independent Energy Savings Agency will fix Australia’s energy network and help you generate your own power.

  • We need to do more to encourage clean energy investment in Australia. The Greens' plan to get to a 100% renewable Australia.

  • University students at UNSW

    The Greens oppose the $2.3 billion university funding cuts. Instead we want a 10% increase in per student base funding.

  • Resourcing a Caring Society

    The Greens will raise revenue from big mining and big banks, not from society's most vulnerable.

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