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  • Police Attempt to Shutdown Community Rally for TJ Hickey

  • Are people being prevented from voting because they're declared of "unsound mind"?

    Senator RICE: I want to talk about the issue of people being removed from the electoral roll because they are of unsound mind.

    Mr Rogers: I will call Mr Gateley, who is my roll expert and is very well versed in this particular area.

    Senator RICE: You might need to put this on notice, but can you tell us how many people have been removed from electoral rolls for reasons of unsound mind since the federal election in 2013?

  • Heritage listing for Sirius an opportunity for a social housing win-win

  • Is the government still intent on rolling over RFAs?

    Senator RICE: I want to start with forest products—plantations and regional forest agreements.

    CHAIR: Could I put on record that Mr Thompson has approached the table having broken his leg in a bicycle accident. Welcome back.

    Mr Thompson: Thank you, Senator. If I was a horse, someone might have shot me.

    CHAIR: That is what they say about me!

  • 71,000 affordable homes needed in regional NSW


Voting for the senate sometimes seems very confusing but it shouldn't be. You deserve to choose where your vote ends up.

Tadhg, aged 2, whose parents Elise and Sally won the right to appear on his birth certificate

Some days in Parliament the tears well in your eyes. Over the past 10 months of debates on what we are now calling ‘Tadhg’s Law’, the moments when those tears came were usually as I saw gorgeous, loving families trudge yet again into the public gallery of the South Australian Parliament to hear their lives denigrated, dismissed and deliberately ignored by some of their elected representatives.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in US Democratic debate 2016

Are you a Greens member between 21 and 35 and enthusiastically watching the US Democratic primaries? How would you feel about a two-week trip to a swing state and Washington DC for the election itself?

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  • Welcome to WA