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  • Coal miners must pay

    Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber says coal miners must pay to make the Latrobe Valley safe.

    "Apart from emergency response, the Hazelwood Inquiry report recommends no particular measures to make the mine itself safe and avoid a repeat of the disaster we saw early this year. It notes that rehabilitation is 'complex, costly and time consuming' and simply suggests the mine owner goes away and studies the problem," Mr Barber said.

  • The Liberal-Palmer Coalition delivers for the top end of town at the expense of small business

    Greens spokesperson for Small Business, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, says that the mining tax repeal delivers a massive blow to the small business sector.

    Senator Whish-Wilson said, “This massive win for the mining companies comes at the expense of not just worker’s superannuation, but is also a body-blow to small business.

  • Greens call on the banks and the other parties to back new Financial Advice Bill

    Today in the Senate, the Greens Senator for Consumer Affairs, Competition Policy and Small Business, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson will introduce the Corporations Amendment (Financial Advice) Bill 2014 to provide improved definitions for consumers seeking financial advice.

  • Mining tax abolition deal: PUP helps Tony Abbott justify brutal budget

    Greens Leader Christine Milne says the Palmer United Party has done a mean and tricky deal with the Abbott government to turn down revenue and give a big win to mining magnates around Australia.

    "Instead of getting a fair share from the big end of town that can afford to pay, coal mining billionaire Clive Palmer has done a tricky deal and put the pressure back on workers and families," said Senator Milne.

  • Abbott’s Olympic dodge on environmental protections

    The Australian Greens say the Abbott Government is shirking responsibility by waiving a new environmental impact statement for the proposed expansion of Olympic Dam.

    "The Federal Government needs to do its job and stop putting the private profits of the big mining companies ahead of the environment," said South Australian Greens Senator Penny Wright.

    "This is a short-sighted measure, which shows how little the Government cares about environmental protection."

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