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  • Government wastes millions on marine review

    The Australian Greens said today that the Commonwealth system of marine reserves will remain as nothing more than lines on a map until at least 2016.

    "It was established during estimates today that the Abbott Government's review of Australia's marine parks won't be given to the Minister until mid-2015. I cannot see how management plans will be completed and implemented before 2016," Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens marine spokesperson said today.

  • Agricultural Green Paper misses the biggest threats faced by rural communities

    The Australian Greens said today they are shocked that the Federal Government's Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper doesn’t address climate change, one of the biggest threats posed to the future of Australia’s agriculture and rural communities.

  • Greens Concerned by Government Moves to Limit Shareholder Power to Call Special Meetings

    The government’s move to increase the number of shareholders who can call a special company meeting could allow institutional investors to block scrutiny of company activity, said Deputy Greens Leader and Finance spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP.

  • Australia ranks last on climate leadership in global report of 60 countries

    The Global Green Economy Index out today lists Australia as last among 60 countries assessed for leadership on global warming

    “Tony Abbott has well and truly demolished Australia’s standing as a world leader in addressing global warming. We were the best and now we are the worst. It is a tragedy and must be reversed,” Senator Christine Milne, Leader of the Australian Greens, said.

  • Old parties need to come clean on coal

    Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber says Labor and Liberal need to tell the voters about their policies for new coal mines.

    “Who ever forms government will have these coal mining applications sitting on their desk. It's time Labor and the Coalition came clean on their plans," Mr Barber said.


Policies guide the Greens when they make important decisions — in Parliament, in Councils and during our own meetings. But how are policies developed?

The last few weeks have been a very busy time in the national party as the pointy end of our Constitutional Change process draws closer. A Special National Council was held in Newtown, Sydney in mid-September when delegates from around the country came together for another face to face meeting with the aim of getting closer to consensus on a number of constitutional issues. 

We’re living in a time of renewed Government efforts to intrude, observe and monitor the private lives of ordinary Australians. The state is seeking total transparency for the population and complete secrecy for itself. Senator Scott Ludlam joined the Green Institute to talk about what the Abbott Government’s proposed metadata retention regime will mean for our rights and freedoms in Australia.

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