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  • Liberal, National and Labor parties gut protection for Murray-Darling Basin farmers against subsidence mining

    The Australian Greens have condemned the Liberal, National and Labor parties for removing protection for farmers from subsidence mining in the Murray-Darling Basin in the federal Parliament tonight.

  • Qantas and Liberals Dud Tasmanian Jobseekers

    Greens Deputy Leader and Workplace Relations spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP, and Transport spokesperson, Senator Janet Rice, have condemned Qantas and the Liberals for betraying Tasmanian jobseekers.

    "Qantas and the Liberals have betrayed jobseekers in Tasmania," said Mr Bandt. "When it was closing its Brisbane and Melbourne call centres, Qantas sought to reassure the public that it would not send its mainland jobs offshore.

  • ‘Only a 50% chance of dying? Send them back’, government says

    A government bill in the House of Representatives today, that would see refugees only given protection if they faced more than a 50 per cent chance of torture or death, should not be passed into law the Australian Greens have said.

    "This is a reckless, dangerous bill that will put people's lives at risk," the Greens' immigration spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

  • Labor backs Coalition student payment cuts – after signing pledge to block changes

    Responding to reports that Labor will support cutting to student payments in the Social Services and Other Legislation Amendment (2014 Budget Measures No. 2) Bill 2014, Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon said:
    “It is disturbing that Labor has reaffirmed their support for the Coalition’s student payment cuts, only weeks after signing a pledge to block changes to higher education.
  • Greens Call On Government to Get Serious About Freight on Rail Targets

    Greens NSW MP and Transport spokesperson Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC has called on the Government to get serious its efforts to get freight off roads and onto rail given it has made virtually no progress in increasing the share of freight on rail from 14% to their target of 28% by 2021.
    Dr Faruqi said:


There are many approaches that can be taken against the Islamic State that might have long-lasting impact but they take time. Instead, the Prime Minister is hastily rushing to war. Will it be counter-productive?

Equal pay is not just about your salary. On Equal Pay Day today, it’s important we remember it’s not just women’s pay packets we need to act on but also their super balances.

At the start of his prime ministership Tony Abbott said, “We hope to be judged by what we have done rather than by what we have said we would do.” So to mark the first anniversary of the election of the Abbott government we take this timely opportunity to judge the Coalition’s actions and consider what could have been. 

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