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  • Greens slam Roe 8 approval decision

    The Australian Greens have slammed the WA Government for environmentally approving the Beelair Wetlands section of the Roe 8 freight highway, pointing out that no amount of so-called protection could safe-guard against slamming a multi-lane freight freeway through such a unique and significant area.

  • Science-based carbon pollution reduction targets must be adopted for Paris

    The Climate Change Authority has today released its final recommendations for Australia's post-2020 carbon pollution reduction targets, confirming the earlier draft targets that CCA says Australia should take to the UN climate conference in Paris later this year.

  • United Nations Slaps Down Groom on WHA Logging and Mining

    2 Jul 2015

    Nick McKim MP | Greens Parks spokesperson

    The United Nations has humiliated the state government by slapping down its plans to log and mine inside the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA).

  • Liberals must accept UN’s rejection of Tasmanian World Heritage Area plans

    Liberals must accept UN’s rejection of Tasmanian World Heritage Area plans

    The Greens have welcomed the UNESCO World Heritage Committee’s rejection of plans for the Tasmanian World Heritage Area.

    “Like the World Heritage Committee, we know that no amount of mining or logging is ever good for our ancient native forests,” said the Australian Greens spokesperson for forests Senator Janet Rice.

  • Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert comments on the rollout of revised work for the dole

    "I'm very concerned that the Government is going ahead now with the roll out of this their work for the dole program in remote communities, I think they are making a big mistake in pressing forward with the program when it is clear it isn't ready.


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