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  • Greens support Justice for Julieka

    On behalf of the Australian Greens, I offer heartfelt sympathy and condolences to Julieka Dhu's family, friends and community.

    As people across the community come together today to call for Justice for Julieka, our leaders must acknowledge their failure to address deaths in custody and that deep injustice is still occurring in our gaols. Urgent action is needed to stop any more deaths.

  • Renewable job losses highlight need for Vic target

    Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber says the tragic loss of renewable industry jobs at Keppel Prince highlights the need for a Victorian Renewable Energy Target.

    "It's a tragedy for a town like Portland to lose so many jobs when it is already struggling. It's an even bigger tragedy that billions of dollars of renewable energy investment is on hold indefinitely while Labor and Liberal negotiate about how deeply they will cut the Renewable Energy Target,” Mr Barber said.

  • Scott Explores The Brain Drain from CSIRO Because of Budget Cuts

    Scott asks the CSIRO how it is dealing with budget cuts of $111.4m and the resulting in a massive brain drain of the organisations most talented scientists.

  • Greens on Keppel Prince: Abbott government destroys jobs and investment

    Responding to the decision by Keppel Prince to mothball its entire wind turbine division and lay off 100 workers, Greens Leader Christine Milne says the Abbott government has taken a wrecking ball to the industry that holds the best hope of providing future jobs and investment in Australia.

  • Baird Government pursues further erosion of local democracy

    In yet another attack on local democracy the NSW government is proposing legislation that would fundamentally alter the way that local council elections are elected.


It is a sad time but the good that people do lives on after them. And this is truer of Gough Whitlam than almost any other figure in our history. 

The new AYG convenors report back newly invigorated from the annual Young Greens National Conference. The Greens do politics differently, they say.

Australia’s economic landscape is changing, with or without the Abbott government. The divestment movement proves that Australians won’t be left behind.

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