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  • A lot of work still to be done on employment services in Australia

    The Greens agree that job services in Australia need to be improved, but hold concerns that the newly announced jobactive scheme misses the mark, with an emphasis on Work for the Dole likely to lead to negative outcomes for jobseekers.

    Senator Rachel Siewert, Greens spokesperson on Community Services, said the Work For The Dole measure should be dropped.

  • G20 breach emphasises risks of mandatory data retention

    The Australian Greens have called on the government to fast-track the implementation of a scheme to mandate notifications of data breaches, as the international community reacts to news that the personal information of 31 world leaders was compromised by the immigration department.

    "This is an embarrassing international incident which highlights that no system is infallible," Senator Scott Ludlam, Greens communication spokesperson said today.

  • Abbott's food labelling delay a blow to SA farmers

    The Greens have called out the Abbott Government for holding up vital country of origin food labelling laws which would protect South Australian growers.

  • Super concessions policy ready now: $10 billion from Greens

    An independent costing requested by the Australian Greens and prepared by the Parliamentary Budget Office shows reducing superannuation tax concessions for the most wealthy would raise $10.16 billion dollars over four years.

  • ‘Rule of Two’ no more than a stopgap solution

    ‘Rule of Two’ no more than a stopgap solution

    The Greens have warned ‘Rule of Two’ will do little to prevent further tragedies like the Germanwings crash, arguing that properly resourcing support services for pilots would be more effective.

    “The government’s announcement is not much more than a stopgap solution,” said the Australian Greens transport spokesperson Senator Janet Rice.


This one ought to be an April Fool's joke — but it isn't. The Australian government leaked the passport details of 31 world leaders. And they want us to trust them.

Mr Flotsam Marley hangs out on Callala Beach in NSW, and stands as a stark reminder of the marine debris that plagues our coastline. 

Queensland Senator, Larissa Waters, writes about the findings in the interim report of the Senate’s groundbreaking inquiry into domestic violence.

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