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  • Foreign Fighters amendments inadequate

    Comment from Australian Greens' spokesperson for legal affairs Senator Penny Wright on news the Abbott Government will adopt the recommendations of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security on the Foreign Fighters bill:

    "The recommendations of the Liberal-Labor committee are not enough to save this from being a very bad bill that will trample on long-held civil liberties and democratic rights.

  • Macfarlane hasn’t walked away from Warburton

    Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne says the Renewable Energy Target policy announced by Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane adopts key recommendations from the discredited Warburton review and should be rejected by the Labor party.

    "There is absolutely no reason, and no excuse, for weakening the Renewable Energy Target. The Labor Party must stand firm and reject this deal outright," said Senator Milne.

  • Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, comments on the Abbott Government’s one-stop shop, which is not included in today’s repeal day bill, despite the government’s rhetoric

    The Abbott Government is so desperate to please its big business buddies that it’s making out like there’s progress on the one-stop shop, when actually it’s dead.

    “It’s utterly bizarre that the Abbott Government keeps talking about the one-stop shop today, when it’s not even included in its repeal day bill

  • Greens policies to create 2000 clean energy jobs

    Over 2000 New 'clean energy' jobs will be created by Greens state election policies, a new report confirms.

  • Crossbenchers band together on data retention concern

    Crossbenchers band together on data retention concern
    Media Statement
    Greens spokesperson for Communications
    Senator for WA Scott Ludlam
    October 20, 2014


It is a sad time but the good that people do lives on after them. And this is truer of Gough Whitlam than almost any other figure in our history. 

The new AYG convenors report back newly invigorated from the annual Young Greens National Conference. The Greens do politics differently, they say.

Australia’s economic landscape is changing, with or without the Abbott government. The divestment movement proves that Australians won’t be left behind.

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