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  • Abbott government needs new policies, not new enforcers

    Greens Leader Christine Milne says Tony Abbott's frontbench reshuffle won't matter much to everyday Australians who are still being threatened with the same cruel budget measures.

    "The faces have changed, but not the policies. This government is too arrogant to accept its cruel agenda has been rejected by the community and the Senate," said Senator Milne.

  • Morrison set to lead renewed attack on our social safety net

    The Australian Greens said the appointment of Scott Morrison as Social Services Minister shows the Government's clear intent to pursue hard-line policies which will weaken our nation's social safety net.

  • Shark hunt off WA coast a drastic overreaction: Greens

    The Australian Greens said today that the issuing of a catch and kill order for a white shark off Warnbro Sound is a drastic overreaction.

    "It is outrageous that the Government would be using the tagging system to hunt sharks off the WA coast," Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens marine spokesperson said today.

  • Senate Seafood Labelling recommendations a Christmas present for Tasmanian seafood industry

    The Greens welcome this first step towards adequate labelling of seafood that would ultimately be beneficial to consumers, the local fishing industry, the marine environment and the national economy says the Fisheries spokesperson for the Greens, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson.

    Senator Whish-Wilson said “The message from the Seafood Labelling Senate Inquiry to the Tasmanian seafood industry is ‘Merry Christmas’.

  • This is the boat Minister Morrison needs to stop


Rachael Jacobs' simple offer to walk with a Muslim woman as they got off a Brisbane train on Monday sparked a social media campaign under the hashtag #illridewithyou.

Photo of Martin Place, Sydney by Flickr user RubyGoes cc-by 2.0

What lessons can we learn from the Sydney 'siege' about gaps in community mental healthcare systems? Difficult questions need to be asked.

As fervent defenders of social justice, the enormous difficulties confronting child protection in Australia should be of great interest to we Greens as we move into 2015. It’s time we tackled these issues head on.

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