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  • Senate calls on harsh earn or learn policy to be ‘dead buried and cremated’

    The Senate has today called on the Government to announce their Earn or Learn measure that would see young people denied payments for six months of the year as ‘dead, buried and cremated’.

    “The Prime Minister should follow his announcement that the GP co-payment is ‘dead, buried and cremated’ with the same announcement for the measure ripping young people off welfare for six months of the year.

  • Science, research & jobs threatened by Pyne's Parliamentary blackmail

    Greens Deputy Leader and science, research and innovation spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said that world-class research facilities around the country and about 1700 jobs face the axe from June 30 this year under Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s desperate attempt to pass his Higher Education bill by blackmailing the Senate.

  • Old parties rip off TAFE

    Old parties rip off TAFE

  • Taking on the vested interests to fund the future

    Greens plan for paying for infrastructure without privatisation or unsustainable debt 

    The Greens today announced revenue measures that would fund the repayment of $20 billion of investment in new public transport, schools, hospitals, housing and other social infrastructure, without privatisation or running up unsustainable debt.  

  • MySchool hype distorts school priorities

    Australian Greens spokesperson for schools Senator Penny Wright says the emphasis on NAPLAN testing has gone too far, as new MySchool data is released today.

    The Australian Greens have previously called for the ranking functions on the MySchool site to be removed.

    "There is no doubt MySchool site has introduced a competitive element which is damaging student and teacher wellbeing and distorting our idea of what matters in education," Senator Wright said.


For more than a decade now marriage equality has dominated the energies of gay and lesbian campaigners. So when we achieve it, we can all celebrate and relax, right? Not a chance.

The accusation that "the youth of today are disengaged from politics" masks a thinly veiled concept of the "correct" way to engage with politics. 

One day, Australians will look back and wonder why laws preventing same sex marriage in Australia persisted for as long as they have.

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