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  • WA doesn’t want dose of Roe 8 for Liberal roads addiction

    WA doesn’t want dose of Roe 8 for Liberal roads addiction

    The Australian Greens have called on the Barnett government to release business case and costings for Roe 8, with real question marks hanging over the costly project. 

  • How posh Prahran became the village Green with Sam Hibbins

    Brett Ray has lived in Prahran for 31 years and previously voted for the Liberals.

    But this state election, like many of his neighbours, the small business owner decided to turn the seat green.

    "I was invited to go to a Greens event and I met Sam Hibbins ... I was won over by his commitment."

    He was not the only Prahran voter convinced by the Greens candidate, and on Tuesday night Mr Hibbins made history by wresting the inner-city seat from Liberal Clem Newton-Brown.

  • Greens candidate Sam Hibbins wins Prahran, claiming party's second seat in Victorian Parliament

    The Victorian Greens have won their second seat in Parliament, the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) has confirmed.

    Candidate Sam Hibbins wrested the seat from Liberal Clem Newton-Brown.

    Mr Newton-Brown won 45 per cent of the first preference vote, but with preference flows from Labor the Greens took the seat with a margin of 262 votes.

    Mr Hibbins said his win was the first time a Greens candidate has taken a seat from the Liberal Party.

  • Government Rebuked on Reckless Roe 8 Highway Move

    Greens MLC for the South Metro Region, Lynn MacLaren today rebuked the state government for its disastrous decision to plough a highway through the precious Beeliar Wetlands.

    “The Barnett Government is fiscally reckless in its decision to announce $591 million of WA money to build the unpopular Roe 8 highway extension. In an already tight budget year, this is a poor expenditure choice,” Ms MacLaren said.

  • After Sydney tragedy political rivals unite to declare #weridetogether

    Federal MPs Craig Laundy (Liberal), Terri Butler (ALP), Adam Bandt (Greens) and Zhenya "Dio" Wang (PUP) as well as ACTU President Ged Kearney may hold a range of political opinions, but they share a simple message: racism and hate have no place in Australian politics, or Australian life.

    These leaders from across the political spectrum share the desire of all Australians to affirm the value of inclusion following the Sydney siege tragedy.


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