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  • Time for action on Doncaster and Rowville rail

    Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber has welcomed the old parties meeting the Greens commitment to extend train services to Mernda.

    “The Greens have supported the extension of the train line to Mernda for years and it is great that Labor and the Liberals have finally caught up,” Mr Barber said.

    “Now the old parties need to step up and meet the Greens commitment to the Doncaster and Rowville rail lines, which are long overdue.

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  • Vale Gough: Statement from Greens NSW Convenor, Hall Greenland

    It is a sad day but the good that people do lives on after them. And this is truer of Gough Whitlam than almost any other figure in our history. 
  • Greens promise development controls for Moreland

    Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber has pledged to legislate for height and development controls to protect Moreland's neighbourhoods.

    "We know the council position, we know the Liberals position, but what is Labor's? Voters will want to know before they vote. Who'd trust either of them to stop the bulldozers when their pockets are full of developers' donations?

  • Victoria’s animal emblem Leadbeater’s Possum likely to be listed as ‘critically endangered’ by December

    Victoria’s animal emblem Leadbeater’s Possum likely to be listed as ‘critically endangered’ by December

    It is expected that the status of the Leadbeater’s Possum will be revised to ‘critically endangered’ in December this year, when the federal Threatened Species Scientific Committee completes its reassessment of the species.

  • Statement from Greens Leader Christine Milne on the passing of Gough Whitlam

    This is a significant moment for Australia as we remember Gough Whitlam and his momentous contribution to our nation. He was Prime Minister for only three years but he swept all before him. We all mourn his passing and celebrate his great life.

    He was a larger than life figure whose leadership profoundly changed the nation for the better, forever.


The new AYG convenors report back newly invigorated from the annual Young Greens National Conference. The Greens do politics differently, they say.

Australia’s economic landscape is changing, with or without the Abbott government. The divestment movement proves that Australians won’t be left behind.

Policies guide the Greens when they make important decisions — in Parliament, in Councils and during our own meetings. But how are policies developed?

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