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  • Time for an inquiry into Vicforests

    Greens spokesperson for forests Samantha Dunn says leaked docs confirm what we've always known - clearfelling native forests is not economically viable. 

  • Political donations from Universities should be prohibited

    The Australian Greens are calling on state and federal governments to immediately move to prohibit universities from making political donations in response to the newly released NSW auditor-general's report which states that 30 per cent of universities in the state have made donations to political parties since 2008.

  • State Government ignores its own report and moves further away from Closing the Gap

    A leaked report to the WA Department of Health shows the State Government completely disregarded findings when it made huge cuts to the Aboriginal health sector in the state budget.

  • Palaszczuk government breaks first election promise with new permits for gas and oil mining

  • Greens Support Hopeland Gas-Field Free Community


    The Greens today came out in support of the first gas-field free community on the Darling Downs.


With the dawn of the 2015 budget, it’s clear that students, university staff and the progressive left will again have to take up the fight against university fee deregulation. 

It’s been a big few weeks for the Australian Greens: leadership change, Budget week and then straight into the inaugural National Council. Good thing we’re nimble.

It’s been a huge fortnight in the federal parliament and I’m proud and excited to be writing to you for the first time as the leader of the Australian Greens.

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  • Welcome to WA