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  • World Farm Animals Day: Greens call for law reform

    On World Farm Animals Day, 2 October, Victorian Greens renew calls for more humane laws governing livestock farming.

    Sue Pennicuik MP, Victorian Greens animal welfare spokesperson today said the Greens back the phasing out of all intensive meat, dairy and egg production.

  • Victorians remain in the dark on East West toll road

    Victorians remain in the dark on East West toll road

     The Abbott government has refused to table a business case for the East West toll road that was ordered by a Greens Senate motion.

     “The secrecy surrounding the East West toll road continues and this critical information remains under cloak and dagger,” said Greens spokesperson for Transport & Infrastructure Senator Janet Rice.

  • The NBN must not be broken up or sold off


    The recommendations of Malcolm Turnbull’s latest cooked NBN review clearly show that the Government still does not understand basic common sense when it comes to Australia’s current and future broadband needs.

  • Expanded Taser Use Requires Parliamentary Safety Catch

    In response to yesterday’s announcement that SAPOL officers will now typically carry Tasers on their belts The Greens will move for regular and detailed reports on their deployment to be provided to State Parliament. Previously the Greens have had to use FoI processes to retrieve this information.

  • Greens’ Senate Inquiry will investigate whether electricity companies are fudging data to hike up Queenslanders’ power bills

    The Australian Greens have today succeeding in establishing a Senate Inquiry into whether electricity companies, including Energex, have provided misleading data to the Australian Energy Regulator in setting their prices.


There are many approaches that can be taken against the Islamic State that might have long-lasting impact but they take time. Instead, the Prime Minister is hastily rushing to war. Will it be counter-productive?

The climate emergency is dire. The problem is immense. The world is acting and Australia is being driven backwards by our backward-looking Prime Minister and by a political class that is content with 5% tokenism. We cannot win on the climate until the people take the power back. 

Equal pay is not just about your salary. On Equal Pay Day today, it’s important we remember it’s not just women’s pay packets we need to act on but also their super balances.

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