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  • Greens top PTUA election scorecard

    Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber has welcomed the Public Transport User Association’s 2014 election scorecard, which ranked the Greens highest with an 'A', Labor second with a 'B' and the Liberals third with a 'D'.

  • Radioactive material in CSG shows need for public disclosure and for landholders to have right to say no

    Following revelations that radioactive material is being used at CSG drilling sites in NSW and Qld, the Greens will move a motion in the federal Senate calling for disclosure of proposed use of radioactive materials in environmental impact statements.

  • Funding extension ‘inevitable’ given grants system flaws

    The Australian Greens said today the extension of the Indigenous Advancement Strategy funding applications confirmed their fears about the process.

    "The need of the Government to extend the period for funding applications for the IAS was the inevitable outcome of a flawed process. This is quickly turning into a debacle," Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues said today

  • Greens Grandma Marie walks for Great Forest

    While most election candidates will be handing out political leaflets this weekend, Marie Sellstrom, Greens candidate, for Eildon will be walking for a cause.

  • Greens vow to unshackle Abbotsford Convent

    Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber has vowed to unshackle the Abbotsford Convent from a ban on applying for government funding.

    “Since reopening ten years ago, Abbotsford Convent has proved its economic viability, yet can’t apply for state funds due to an absurd clause in the deed granted by the Bracks government,” Mr Barber said.


“Coal is good for humanity, coal is good for prosperity, coal is an essential part of our economic future, here in Australia, and right around the world,” says Mr Abbott — but the rest of the world is moving in the opposite direction. 

The Australian Greens achieved constitutional change at the Australian Greens National Conference on a sunny weekend in Canberra.


Foreign Minister Julie Bishop's advice that women 'stop whingeing' and 'get on with it' when it comes to inequality is problematic for many reasons.

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