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  • Victoria’s animal emblem Leadbeater’s Possum likely to be listed as ‘critically endangered’ by December

    Victoria’s animal emblem Leadbeater’s Possum likely to be listed as ‘critically endangered’ by December

    It is expected that the status of the Leadbeater’s Possum will be revised to ‘critically endangered’ in December this year, when the federal Threatened Species Scientific Committee completes its reassessment of the species.

  • Statement from Greens Leader Christine Milne on the passing of Gough Whitlam

    This is a significant moment for Australia as we remember Gough Whitlam and his momentous contribution to our nation. He was Prime Minister for only three years but he swept all before him. We all mourn his passing and celebrate his great life.

    He was a larger than life figure whose leadership profoundly changed the nation for the better, forever.

  • Qld Environment Minister met with Deutsche Bank in Germany after bank ruled out financing Abbot Point

    The Australian Greens are calling on Queensland Environment Minister Powell to explain why he met with Deutsche Bank in Germany after the bank ruled out financing the Abbot Point coal port expansion.

    The meeting in September was revealed late last night in Senate Estimates as a result of questioning of the federal Environment Department by Queensland Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson.

  • Resettlement deal with PNG has collapsed

    The Abbott government's untenable resettlement deal with PNG has fallen apart, with the Pacific nation's government confirming that public opposition to the plan is too strong to proceed at present.

    "The PNG deal is dead," the Greens' immigration spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

    "The policy is inhumane and clearly unworkable. The continued failure in rolling it out has been like watching a train-wreck in slow motion.

  • After Two Years Greens Welcome Labor Govt Backdown on CFS Cancer Compo Equality

    After a two year campaign, The Greens today welcomed the Weatherill Government’s announcement conceding the Labor Party MPs will now finally vote to support CFS cancer compensation equality through presumptive WorkCover laws.

    Greens’ IR Spokesperson, Tammy Franks MLC, said: “It may have taken the Labor Government some years to recognise what every non-Labor elected member of the South Australian Parliament has already voted for, some three times over, but we welcome Labor’s final resolution nevertheless.


Policies guide the Greens when they make important decisions — in Parliament, in Councils and during our own meetings. But how are policies developed?

The last few weeks have been a very busy time in the national party as the pointy end of our Constitutional Change process draws closer. A Special National Council was held in Newtown, Sydney in mid-September when delegates from around the country came together for another face to face meeting with the aim of getting closer to consensus on a number of constitutional issues. 

We’re living in a time of renewed Government efforts to intrude, observe and monitor the private lives of ordinary Australians. The state is seeking total transparency for the population and complete secrecy for itself. Senator Scott Ludlam joined the Green Institute to talk about what the Abbott Government’s proposed metadata retention regime will mean for our rights and freedoms in Australia.

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