"The likely destruction in the new year of 83 significant and regulated trees from the Glenside Health Campus is unnecessary, premature and against community wishes," according to Mark Parnell MLC, Parliamentary Leader of the Greens SA.

The Australian Greens are calling for the return of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s backbone and resolve on climate policy – and the reward is lower power prices and a healthier environment for future generations.
“The Prime Minister appears to have again misplaced his backbone after uttering the words ‘emissions intensity scheme’ this week,” Greens Senator for South Australia, Sarah Hanson-Young said.

The Australian Greens have expressed fears for the future of public education after it was revealed today many Adelaide high schools are struggling to pay the bills.

The Senate has given recognition to the importance of the Australian arts industry and community by supporting greater representation to artistic and creative courses on the VET student loans eligible course list following an amendment to the VET Student Loans Bill moved by the Australian Greens.

Targeting university students and increasing their debt is not the answer to the long term sustainability of Australia’s higher education sector, the Australian Greens have said in response to a Grattan Institute report.
“The Turnbull government want to take an axe to higher education funding and they shouldn’t look to increasing student debt to make up any shortfall,” the Greens’ education spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.