Mine Fire Inquiry needs to go further

The Greens are calling for the reopened Mine Fire Inquiry to canvass mine rehabilitation, opportunities for the community post-coal, and allow for witnesses to speak anonymously.

Greens call on government to commit to 50 new trams for Melbourne

Victorian Greens MPs, Sam Hibbins MLA, Nina Springle MLC, and Samantha Dunn MLC gathered at Dandenong’s Bombardier factory today, to call on the government to commit to ordering an additional 50 trams as part of their contract options with Bombardier.

Time to abandon failed VET marketisation policy


Coalition must now abandon failed VET marketisation policy

Sam Hibbins, Greens spokesperson for TAFE & Training says it is time to stop forcing TAFE institutes to compete against private operators for government funding.

Calls to ban jumps racing renewed after two horse deaths at Cranbourne

A Greens MP who wants jumps racing banned has suggested running "flat races for slower horses" as a compromise.

The seemingly never-ending debate over the sport has been reignited after two horses were put down following serious falls at Cranbourne during trials on Wednesday.

Dying with Dignity referral to Victorian Law Reform Commission

Debate of the Greens motion to refer ‘Dying with Dignity’ to the Victorian Law Reform Commission will continue in the next parliamentary sitting week.

Greens comment on East West Link payout

Victorian Greens Melbourne MP Ellen Sandell says now the East West Link saga has been resolved it is time to start constructing a world class public transport system.


Greens Transport Spokesperson Samantha Dunn has expressed concerns about the proposed Transdev bus network changes.

“I am very concerned the Transdev proposed bus network changes are robbing Peter to pay Paul," Ms Dunn said.

Dozens of duck hunters and protesters receive infringement notices

Dozens of duck hunters have received infringement notices, and authorities seized some firearms in the opening weeks of the hunting season.

RSPCA, Greens call for end of jumps racing after two horses die

THE deaths of two horses in jumps racing trials at Cranbourne yesterday has renewed calls from the Greens and the RSPCA for the sport to be banned. 
The horses, Feel The Fame and Verification, both suffered severe injuries during falls and were euthanised.

Greens response to latest jumps racing deaths

Greens animal welfare spokesperson Sue Pennicuik says the two deaths at yesterday’s jumps racing trials in Cranbourne prove that it cannot be made safe and should be banned.

“Currently horse deaths are an inevitable outcome of jumps racing,” Ms Penniciuk said.