THE Victorian Greens are making a radical push to decriminalise begging on Melbourne’s streets.

More than 800 people have been charged with begging in the last five years, prompting the Greens to introduce a Bill to repeal what it says are “cruel and unjust” laws.

The Greens have welcomed news that the Victorian Government will introduce a bill to legalise assisted dying.

A parliamentary committee this year recommended a strictly regulated model of assisted dying be legalised for terminally ill people.

The Greens say that the 5-year-old Australian child known as Carla should have been allowed to choose their own gender at an appropriate time, rather than the Family Court approving gender assignment surgery.
“Liking the colour pink is no justification for enforcing gender assignment surgery on a 5-year-old,” said the Australian Greens LGBTIQ spokesperson Senator Janet Rice.

Victoria should work with the Eastern states to develop an emissions trading scheme, like former Premiers Bracks, Beattie and Carr did in 2005.

The Greens have urged the federal government to take the necessary action to eradicate the red fire ant, after the Senate passed a Greens motion requiring the tabling of the independent report into the eradication program of the pest.