Greens welcome Andrews Government's announcement re safety zones around abortion clinics

The Greens  today welcomed the Victorian government's announcement that it would introduce its own bill to ensure safety zones around abortion clinics before the end of the year.

Moratorium on native logging needed immediately

Greens forests spokesperson Samantha Dunn has called on the Andrews Government to introduce a moratorium on native forest logging while a transition to

Greens welcome respectful relationships education in schools but changes to religious instruction don’t go far enough

The Gre

Residential care system needs urgent overhaul: Commissioner

The Commissioner for Children and Young People has found that the residential care system is deeply dysfunctional and harming our most vulnerable children.

Signalling Trial Must Deliver

Victorian Greens spokesperson for transport Samantha Dunn MP says, "What's the point of delivering 1980s technology, 40 years late?"

"We need to know more about the $56 million high capacity signalling trial that has been announced for the Sandringham line", says Ms Dunn.

Port inquiry up and running

Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber says a new inquiry has been established into the privatisation of the Port of Melbourne.

“This inquiry will give farmers, exporters and other port users a chance to voice their concerns about the privatisation,” Mr Barber said.

Greens challenge old parties to improve Victorian child protection laws

The Greens yesterday succeeded in getting the Andrews government to commit to an open, consultative review of the changes to the child protection system that will come into effect in March next year.

Childrens Act

Greens spokesperson for children and families Nina Springle says:

“The Government has failed to restore fundamental protections for children in Victoria’s care system.

“This week I will move amendments which the government and opposition should support.

Greens MP invites Cr Crestani to meet members of the Islamic Council of Victoria

Ms Nina Springle, the local Greens MLC, will today in state parliament confirm that she has invited Rosalie Crestani to meet with members of the Islamic Council of Victoria.

Greens back inquiry into Port privatisation

Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber says his party will this week support the establishment of an inquiry into the privatisation of the Port of Melbourne.

“We look forward to hearing from port users and those with a stake in the export economy,” Mr Barber said.