Senator RICE: I move:
(a) notes that:
   (i) Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs) have been in place as 20-year agreements, designed to manage the conservation and forestry industry considerations for key areas of Australia's public native forests,

Senator SMITH (Liberal Party): I, and also on behalf of Senators Pratt and Rice, move:
That the Senate—
(a) notes that:

 I rise today to speak to the Register of Foreign Ownership of Agricultural Land Amendment (Water) Bill 2016. The bill before us today would fulfil a longstanding commitment of the Greens to create a register of water holdings by foreign nationals.

This political grandstanding from Labor tonight is sour grapes because we have been able to deliver an outcome that they are jealous of and that they were not able to. They have sour grapes because we are the ones that brokered the outcome that is a win for farmers, a win for sustainable agriculture, a win for backpackers and a win for the environment.

Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber has called for the State Government to fast track the establishment of a transition taskforce to prepare for the possible closure of the Portland aluminium smelter.

Wicked Campers exploit a loophole in the Advertising Standards to advertise using sexist, racist and homophobic slogans and on Monday, we might finally see them off our streets. 

Senator Di Natale, Australian Greens Leader said today, “This is a victory for farmers who have been watching their fruit wither and die on the vine. Farmers have already lost tens of thousands of dollars waiting for politicians in Canberra to agree on an outcome. With this agreement, they will wait no longer.
“Rural communities have been desperate for someone to clean up this mess with a sensible solution and the Greens have heard them.”

In recognition that today is World AIDS Day, the Senate has passed a motion reaffirming Australia’s commitment to ending HIV transmission by 2020.
“World AIDS Day is a time to honour those we've lost, challenge the stigma that still exists and look to the future,” said the Australian Greens LGBTIQ spokesperson Senator Janet Rice.
“AIDS is no longer a death sentence, but the number of new cases is stubbornly remaining at over 1000 people a year. That is 1000 too many.

As we head into summer, many people are sitting at work or at home, picturing what exciting things they might get up to in their holidays. If you are like me, you are going to want to spend as much time as possible with friends and family, and then get out to the many natural wonders that we have in Australia. The possibilities are endless, but we just need to realise the potential that we have.