Australian Political Parties for Democracy Program

The Australian Political Parties for Democracy Program (APPDP) was established by the Federal Government in 2005. Its purpose is to fund major political parties to further the development of political party systems in partner countries.

The Australian Greens were added to this program in 2010 and currently receive an annual budget of $200,000 for three year funding periods.  The program is administered by the party’s International Development Committee (AG-IDC) in order to assist Greens parties and organisations, principally in developing countries, to develop their capacity to participate in democratic political processes.

Since receiving funding through the APPDP, the Australian Greens have supported several successful activities:

1. Strengthening of the Asia Pacific Greens Secretariat

The Australian Greens support the ongoing strengthening of the Asia Pacific Greens Federation (APGF) secretariat, which is a strategic partner for the Australian Greens International Development Committee (IDC) in providing support and capacity-building for a region-wide network of ‘green’ political parties and organisations.  This strengthening support is primarily through the provision of a grant for an ongoing Secretary position and related operating costs within the APGF Secretariat. 

The APGF currently provides a forum for its members and associates to share experiences and work together regionally and globally. The APGF has a multi-nation coordinating committee (APGCC) that currently runs processes such as the vetting of members wishing to join the Federation. Organisations and parties that identify with green politics are able to apply to become members of the Federation and they are assessed on the basis of their organisational democracy and adherence to green principles. The APGF is represented on the Global Greens Coordination which is the umbrella body for Green parties globally, to share policy information, undertake capacity building and develop a common Green voice.

There is a vast disparity among the different countries in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of the maturity, strength and capability of their Green political organisations.  The Secretary of the APGF works to strengthen and professionalise the APGF by providing leadership, organising training, and monitoring organisational quality within the network. Through this work the Secretary will enable the APGF to contribute more strongly to the Global Greens.

2. Asia Pacific Greens Federation Congress

The Australian Greens have provided funding to support the effective organisation and running of the 2015 APGF Congress Event.

The event’s objective is to develop stronger organisational structures and processes that will enable improved functioning and growth of Green parties within the Asia Pacific region. More specifically, to adopt the APGF Constitution, to reform the membership rulebook, adopt strategic plans for the APGF going forward, facilitate networking amongst the region’s membership, and host training and workshop sessions designed to meet the needs of the APGF members.

3. Assist the development and consolidation of emerging Green parties in the Asia Pacific Region through grants and mentoring

IDC are currently assessing party building and training projects from two emerging parties in the region.  Through small grants they hope to fund training activities that will build the capacity of party members to contest local elections.  IDC support is also practical and hands on with networking, support and monitoring visits being undertaken to these countries.

The AG-IDC is currently seeking applications for funding through this program to support emerging parties.

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