Australia’s education system is under pressure. We need a new approach.

Australia’s education system is under pressure. From underfunded public schools to the Labor-Liberal university cuts, and from TAFE cuts and privatisations to childcare waiting lists that are years long — we need a new approach.

The Greens have always stood up for education as the foundation of a fair society, and always will. We’ll deliver more funding, sooner, to public schools. We’re proud to join students, staff and researchers to oppose university cuts.

The Greens will also ensure schools are safe for children, with a commitment to helping families at risk of poverty, to reducing bullying and ending family and domestic violence.

We’ll reverse the current downward trend and boost investment in Australian research and innovation, we'll deliver the NBN we all deserve, we’ll invest more in TAFE and protect its place as our leading provider of vocational education. We’ll help early childhood education providers give more places to local children.

Australia’s future is in the industries of our minds. Only the Greens have plans to make sure we succeed.

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