Speeches from politicians in VIC

  • The Greens call for laws that guarantee all the funds raised from the Fire Services Levy are invested in our CFA and MFB.
  • The Greens vote doubled in the Gippsland South by-election held last Saturday, and I would like to congratulate Greens candidate Andrea Millsom and her team for a fantastic effort. The doubling of the Greens vote in Gippsland South, an Assembly electorate, shows that people are sending a message regarding gas drilling. The two-party preferred vote ended up with 75 per cent for The Nationals' Danny O'Brien — and I congratulate him — and 25 per cent for the Greens' Andrea Millsom.
  • Following petition presented to house: To the Legislative Council of Victoria: The petition of residents of Victoria draws to the attention of the house the potential conflict of interest of Caulfield Racecourse Reserve trustees in their commercial relationships with the Melbourne Racing Club.
  • I am very pleased to speak on behalf of the Greens in the debate on the Summary Offences Amendment (Move-on Laws) Bill 2015 and to indicate that the Greens will be supporting the bill. It was just over a year ago that we were debating the bill introduced by the previous government, the Summary Offences and Sentencing Amendment Bill 2013. This bill essentially repeals the amendments made to the Summary Offences Act 1966 and the Sentencing Act 1991. The Greens were strongly opposed to the Summary Offences and Sentencing Amendment Bill.
  • The current law for motor vehicles overtaking bicycles is unclear and almost unenforceable. It requires everyone to leave a sufficient passing distance, but it leaves drivers and police uncertain – what exactly is a sufficient distance? Is it a centimetre or a metre? The current road rules also don’t allow drivers to move out of their lane or cross different types of white lines to pass a bike safely, even when it is safe to do so. Drivers have more flexibility to move around a spilled rubbish bin on the street than a bicycle. This bill fixes both of those problems. It defines a safe passing distance, it provides certainty for drivers and police officers and it allows drivers more flexibility to overtake.
  • My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water. I raise this issue on behalf of Save Our Seat, an association of local residents who object to the Arthurs Seat Skylift proposal, an $18 million redevelopment of the former Arthurs Seat chair lift.
  • The Greens are very pleased to support this bill, and I am very pleased to be speaking on it. I was very concerned that we might not get to the bill today. In my view this is the most important bill before us this week, because its purpose is to operate retrospectively to exempt sufferers of asbestos-related conditions from the requirement to demonstrate that they have suffered a significant injury under part VBA of the Wrongs Act 1958 in order to make a claim for damages for non-economic loss. This bill makes it clear and easier for claimants who suffer from asbestos-related conditions to seek compensation for their injuries.
  • The Education and Training Reform Amendment (Funding of Non-Government Schools) Bill 2014 purports to establish a transparent mechanism for state funding of non-government schools. This is a fundamental premise with which, with regard to this bill, the Greens disagree. The bill will amend the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 by inserting new part 2.7 to expressly legislate that a minimum amount of 25 per cent of the total allocation of recurrent funding to government schools be allocated to recurrent funding for non-government schools using a particular formula set out in new section 2.7.4.
  • My question is to the Minister for Training and Skills, and it relates to his ministers statement and media release of yesterday where he reported on training rorts by certain employers and a registered training organisation. This issue has been escalating ever since market contestability was introduced. I raised it several times in Parliament but it fell on the deaf ears of the last government. This particular issue involved automotive apprentices who were all enrolled with a common training provider. The minister mentioned cancellation of training contracts and support for those apprentices who wished to continue training. Can the minister advise whether that particular training provider has been suspended or deregistered?
  • Ms PENNICUIK (Southern Metropolitan) — Like all Australians, I was totally shocked and disgusted after watching the appalling footage of live baiting at greyhound training facilities shown on the ABC's Four Corners program last week. I would like to congratulate Animals Australia and Animal Liberation Queensland for exposing these practices in three states — something which should have been done by the industry regulators, who we can only infer were not paying attention or were turning a blind eye to what was going on.
  • Ms PENNICUIK (Southern Metropolitan) — Thank you, Acting President, and I congratulate you on your elevation to the position of Acting President, a position I enjoyed very much during the previous two terms. I am very happy to pass the baton to you. I move: That this house requires the Leader of the Government to table in the Legislative Council by Tuesday, 17 March 2015, the contract, in full, signed by the Napthine government to host the F1 grand prix in Melbourne from 2016 to 2020.
  • Ms PENNICUIK (Southern Metropolitan) — I take the opportunity to thank Mr Drum and Mr Dalidakis for their contributions to the motion. I will briefly address what Mr Drum has said. He opened his contribution by reiterating that these two motions are about information to be made available to the public and scrutiny of an event which currently receives and has received over the past 20 years a very large amount of public money. They are about making sure that the information provided to the public is accurate, which is not the case at the moment.
  • The Greens call on the Minister to scrap Failure to Protect laws that risk criminalising women who are the victims of family violence.
  • Ms PENNICUIK (Southern Metropolitan) — I am pleased to make some very brief remarks on Mr O'Donohue's motion, which talks about crime prevention, police resources and calls on the government, via the Premier and the Minister for Police, to explain to the Victorian community what Labor's plans are to deliver police resources and to articulate to the Victorian community its plans for community safety in Victoria. I think that is quite a moderate request of this government. Indeed every government should follow it.