Speeches from politicians in VIC

  • I rise to speak on the Victorian Auditor‑General’s report into the operational effectiveness of the myki ticketing system, to commend his recent report into myki and to talk about the debacle that has been the introduction of Victoria’s smart card ticketing system.
  • I am delighted to rise to speak on Mr Bourman’s motion today about the contribution that outdoor sports, such as shooting, fishing, boating, camping and four‑wheel driving, make to the state of Victoria, and other such matters. It is a narrow band of outdoor activities that Mr Bourman has referred to in his motion, and given the extraordinary financial contribution that many outdoor activities make, I wonder why we should not have an all‑encompassing motion that refers to the myriad activities you can do in our great outdoors.
  • I rise to commend Zoos Victoria for its efforts in pushing for urgent action to protect the habitat of the Leadbeater’s possum. Zoos Victoria is in good company, with an increasing number of government ministers, respected research bodies and local councils as well as many businesses and community groups in Victoria raising urgent and serious concerns about VicForests’ management of native forests. The recent up‑listing of the Leadbeater’s possum to critically endangered status ought to be a clarion call to the Victorian government to cease logging of the Leadbeater’s possum’s habitat.
  • My constituency question is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. I refer to the answer I received to my previous question to the minister dated 6 June on the truck curfew proposed for Rosanna Road. I thank the minister for moving forward with the proposal and for taking a consultative approach with the community.
  • My adjournment matter is directed to the Minister for Agriculture. The minister will be aware that VicForests has published its latest timber release plan on its website. This plan was approved by the board of VicForests in April. The minister may be aware that the many hundreds of native forest coupes that VicForests is planning to clear‑fell for woodchips include the last remaining coupes in the Toolangi State Forest, the home of the Leadbeater’s possum.
  • My adjournment matter is for the Treasurer, the sole shareholder of VicForests. It concerns the publication of misleading information on the VicForests website about the latest timber release plan. This plan will go down in the history of the environmental movement as the Labor plan that scheduled every last remaining logging coupe in Toolangi State Forest for industrial clear‑fell logging.
  • Greens call on the Government to release the Western Distributor business case before the contract is signed.
  • Greens highlight the government's botched planning on Werribee and Altona loop train timetabling.
  • Colleen Hartland speaks about the Lord's Prayer opening to parliament.
  • Nina rose today to ask a constituency question
  • Nina rose today to support the START program.
  • Today Nina rose to pay her respects and her deepest condolences for the members of the Chawla family.
  • The Greens are happy to support the Appropriation (Parliament 2015–2016) Bill 2015. The bill appropriates funds necessary for the smooth running of the Parliament, including the electorate offices of all members of Parliament.
  • The Greens will be supporting the Court Services Victoria and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2015. The amendments in the bill are in response to issues identified during the initial operation of Court Services Victoria (CSV), which came into effect on 1 July 2014.
  • I am pleased to rise to make some remarks on the budget papers and the Appropriation (2015-2016) Bill 2015. I will start by making some comments on the budget estimates process, being a member of the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC).
  • In relation to Personal Safety Intervention Orders