Speeches from politicians in VIC

  • The Greens will be supporting the Serious Sex Offenders (Detention and Supervision) and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2015. This bill is one of a number of bills that we have seen come through the Parliament in the last couple of years with regard to serious sex offenders as we tackle the issues of how to deal with them in the justice and corrections systems. The Greens have supported those bills as they have come through the Parliament.
  • The Greens will not be supporting the Criminal Organisations Control Amendment (Unlawful Associations) Bill 2015, as was flagged by my colleague Mr Hibbins, the member for Prahran in the Assembly, when he spoke on the bill the other week. The bill will amend the Summary Offences Act 1966 to repeal the longstanding existing offence of consorting and will also amend the Criminal Organisations Control Act 2012 to insert a new offence of unlawful association.
  • In answer to a question from the member for Melbourne in the Assembly, Ellen Sandell, the minister yesterday implied that because significant works have been undertaken inside the venue, it is not worth protecting the historic interior and that the external facade is all that is important. This is not true, as I pointed out in Parliament in December 2013.
  • I move this motion because it is now six and a half years since April 2009 when a similar report was tabled from the Electoral Matters Committee concerning its inquiry into political donations and disclosure. That was a reference from the Legislative Council, in fact based on a motion moved by my colleague Mr Barber. He moved in the Legislative Council on 16 April 2008
  • There was little or no focus on animal welfare in the review. Therefore the Greens have prepared amendments to ensure that a person with animal welfare expertise is added to the advisory body.
  • The Greens warmly welcome existing nurse and midwife to patient ratios being made into law.
  • Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) — As others have said, this is a bill to establish an advisory body that will give advice to the government. That advice for the most part will be available to members of the public, and the body will engage in a process of discussing with the community in various rounds what Victoria's infrastructure needs and plan might be for the next 30 years.
  • Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) — I will be continuing with my amendment 3 to clause 14, which I believe is also a test of amendment 4, and my amendment 5 to clause 33.
  • Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) — With many of my friends I have been mourning the loss of my friend and colleague Felicity Wishart, partner of Todd Harborow and mother of two boys, Bardi and Clancy. Felicity died suddenly near Mullumbimby in New South Wales on 20 July. Felicity — Flic to her friends, Fliss to her family — was one of the greats of the Australian environment movement and will be missed by all those who had the privilege to work alongside her. At 16 she joined the Franklin Dam protests and like many of her fellow activists was arrested and jailed for two days.
  • Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) — I just heard 25 minutes of how great Mr Mulino's government is; I did not hear that we are getting the documents though. With this motion we are not asking for Mr Mulino to tell us what is in the documents or why they are good. I suppose he could have read the documents into the transcript if he had had them available, and that might have been a worthwhile use of 25 minutes, but the purpose of this motion is to get the government to commit to providing these documents. We will be seeking a number of other documents just like them today, and it would be good if we all voted on these motions as quickly as possible.
  • Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) — The Greens will not oppose this motion. However, we are concerned that we are being asked to vote on a matter about which we have very little information. We understand the matter could be serious, and we understand the desire to protect those involved. However, we are uncomfortable about the precedent this could set.
  • Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) — Today we mark 70 years since the Hiroshima bomb. We continue to mark Hiroshima Day not only as a reminder of an event of great human tragedy but also because it initiated one of the most difficult periods in human history, the Cold War.
  • Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) — The Greens are supporting this bill. It is nice that the government is making a few changes to its website to allow people to learn a little bit more about their energy bills, but if the government thinks that slightly enhancing the transparency of the electricity retail market is what is going to save us, it is sadly mistaken. There are deep and fundamental market failures going on in the energy market, which Labor somehow does not seem to want to address, despite the fact that this is basically the legacy of former Premier Jeff Kennett's mad scientist experiment in breaking up the energy market into horizontal segments that he somehow thought would introduce competition.
  • Mr Barber — On a point of order, President, perhaps I could be of assistance in clarifying the matter that you have just raised. It was the minister who first referred to the number of timber jobs in Ms Dunn's electorate, which was an off-the-bat response the minister made. At that time the minister had an awareness of the number of timber jobs in Ms Dunn's electorate. We were not then asking for a breakdown by electorate, but we are now asking for a breakdown by electorate in response to what the minister previously said.
  • Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) — The Greens will support this motion. I believe the issues and questions Mr Rich-Phillips has put in paragraphs 1(a) through to 1(g) are the relevant questions the house ought to consider in deciding its position on the Delivering Victorian Infrastructure (Port of Melbourne Lease Transaction) Bill 2015. I believe also that members of the Labor Party never thought for one minute that any of those questions would be asked and aired publicly. They thought they had a lock on this thing.
  • Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) — Obviously I will be supporting the amendment. It is an amendment put forward by the Greens to our own bill. During the second-reading debate there was a certain amount of confusion about the mechanics of the bill, never mind the confusion about how Labor is actually voting on this bill. It was stated during the debate that this bill does nothing because the existing provisions in the Freedom of Information Act 1982 protect commercial-in-confidence matters and trade secrets. We need to be very clear about this.