Speeches from politicians in VIC

  • Greens highlight the hundred of millions of dollars lost on pokies machines each year in the Victoria.
  • To ask the Minister for Training and Skills (for the Minister for Police): In relation to issues of bullying at Victoria Police as reported by The Police Association of Victoria: (1) What bullying training is provided at the Victorian Police Academy to new recruits.
  • Nina's members statement on Glendale Reserve
  • Nina speaks about the Greens commitment to shutting down dodgy car park operators during the second reading of the Road Safety Amendment (Private Car Parks) Bill 2015
  • Nina questions the Minister about FIND the adoption registry
  • Nina's question without notice to the minister on Child Protection
  • Nina speaking on the second reading of the Associations Incorporation Reform Amendment (Electronic Transactions) Bill 2015
  • Nina's second reading speech on the Adoption Amendment Bill 2015
  • Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) — My question is to the Minister for Regional Development, Ms Pulford. Information from the Department of Health and Human Services suggests that only about 10 per cent of Victorians eat the required amount of vegetables. Research by AusVeg, the peak growers group, suggests that some of the barriers include affordability and people's lack of knowledge about how to cook and prepare fresh vegetables. There is a group down at Korumburra called Grow Lightly, which is establishing a food hub. It had a grant application that went to the predecessor minister. I am wondering whether the minister has had a look at that grant application and whether she is going to contact the group and consider funding it.
  • Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) — I move: That in accordance with standing order 11.01 there be tabled in the Council by 12 noon on Monday, 16 March 2015, a copy of the scoping study for the privatisation of the port of Melbourne prepared by KPMG in 2014.
  • Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) — The Greens support this motion, and in doing so we pass on our condolences to the friends, family and loved ones of Mr McQuilten. I never met Mr McQuilten, but in reading what others have said about him and also what he said about himself it is clear that he was a passionate individual. In fact at the end of my research I thought, 'I really wish we had him in this chamber with us now', because that kind of passion can be very valuable and would certainly cause all of us to rise to the same level of passion.
  • Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) (By leave) — I join with other party leaders in supporting the motion to commemorate this unspeakable tragedy. For those who were in any way connected to it, it is still one of the most haunting events of our lives. As other speakers have noted, the repercussions of it continue to affect our communities and put additional responsibilities on us as members of Parliament.
  • Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) — My question is to the Minister for Agriculture, Ms Pulford. The minister's government has come to office with no particular policy on unconventional gas drilling except for the holding of an inquiry. Can the minister tell the chamber how within her portfolio and departmental responsibilities she has sought to influence the terms of reference of that inquiry, or any other regulatory measures that her government may be working on?
  • Mr Barber — On the point of order, President, we therefore ought to be able to at least ask questions to explore how directly connected the various ministers are to public affairs in each other's portfolios.
  • Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) — My question is to the Minister for Agriculture, Ms Pulford. The minister's government went to the election with a policy of getting rid of all of the commercial netting fishing licences in Port Phillip Bay. Can the minister tell me whether it is the advice of her department that that commercial fishery is in fact currently environmentally sustainable?