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Uni funding cuts hurt

The Greens oppose the $2.3 billion university funding cuts. Instead we want a 10% increase in per student base funding.

Cuts to Uni Funding

The Greens care about the future of university education

We believe a well-funded universal education system is vital for fairness and wellbeing in our society.

These cuts hurt students.  Uni students shouldn’t have to work long hours while they are studying. They need a decent living allowance so they can afford to meet accommodation, food and travel costs while focussing on their studies.  Nor should they be saddled with huge debts once they graduate.

Rising student fees and debt are locking out disadvantaged students from attending university.  Large student debts discourage graduates from broadening their skills and career path to follow their dreams.

As we enter a time of economic and environmental challenges, now more than ever we need accessible, well-funded and independent universities.

We need your support to convince the government that increased public investment in universities makes good sense – that the benefits far outweigh the cost.

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