Andrea Millsom

Candidate for Gippsland South in the 2015 by-election

I care about Gippsland South because I am a proud local, passionate about my community and want to stand up and make country voices count in parliament.

The Greens offer Gippsland South a fresh new vision, and the opportunity to be represented by a party of the future, not a party of the past. Country people deserve to be represented by Greens in parliament.  We can stand up and represent their interests without fear or favor.

I have a background in horticulture, and believe that Gippsland will be the food bowl for Victorias future. We have rich fertile soils and abundant rain.  We can grow a diversified, sustainable food industry, we can have jobs for young people and allow older farmers to retire.

We can be self-sufficient in our own energy.  People across Gippsland have been investing in solar because it makes smart dollars and cents. They are saving money and taking control of their power bills.  The Greens will further remove the disincentives for renewables.  We will encourage communities to become self-sufficient and sustainable producers of power, and give farmers the opportunity to earn extra income through 'solar farming'.

My parents weren't rich but they gave me and my brother a childhood rich in diverse life experience.  They taught us to be strong and committed to stand up for what is right.  

I will stand up for

-          The protection of farming land from gas drilling and mining pollution

-          Sustainable Jobs in a clean, green economy

-          Giving people the power back, through investing in solar

-          Voting with integrity - we’ll do what we say and stand up for all Victorians.