Greg Barber

Greg Barber

Victorian Greens Leader, MLC for Northern Metropolitan

I am the leader of the Victorian Greens. My portfolios include agriculture, transport, planning, climate and energy, treasury and finance.

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Greg Barber was elected to Yarra City Council in 2002, becoming Australia’s first Green Mayor the following year. In 2006 he was elected as Victorian State Member of Parliament to the Northern Metropolitan region and again in 2010 when he was endorsed within the party room as the Parliamentary leader of the Victorian Greens.

During his time in State Parliament, Greg has immersed himself in the complexities of urban planning and transport matters; in 2009 instigating an inquiry into the failure of train services in rural and metropolitan Melbourne and supporting the Inquiry into Government Decision Making, Consultation and Approval Processes (also known as the Windsor Inquiry). 

Greg also drafted The People Plan with input from transport experts, both local and international, and has fought to introduce anti-corruption legislation to parliament. 

He continues to challenge the government and transport authorities to maximise service delivery, reach and efficiency not just for the metropolitan areas but Victoria as a whole. Greg manages a long list of state portfolios including agriculture, transport, planning, climate and energy, treasury and finance.

Greg has a Masters in Business Administration.

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Greg Barber

Level 1, 362 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000

Phone: (03) 9348 2622