Greg Barber

Greg Barber

Victorian Greens Leader, MLC for Northern Metropolitan

I am the leader of the Victorian Greens. My portfolios include Aboriginal Affairs, Agriculture, Employment, Industrial Relations, Treasury and Finance, Special Minister of State, Industry, Trade, Ports and Regional Development, and I am the Greens spokesperson on Integrity.

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Greg Barber was elected to Yarra City Council in 2002, becoming Australia’s first Green Mayor the following year. In 2006 he was elected as Victorian State Member of Parliament to the Northern Metropolitan region and again in 2010 when he was endorsed within the party room as the Parliamentary leader of the Victorian Greens.

During his time in State Parliament, Greg has immersed himself in the complexities of urban planning and transport matters; in 2009 instigating an inquiry into the failure of train services in rural and metropolitan Melbourne and supporting the Inquiry into Government Decision Making, Consultation and Approval Processes (also known as the Windsor Inquiry). 

Greg also drafted The People Plan with input from transport experts, both local and international, and has fought to introduce anti-corruption legislation to parliament. 

He continues to challenge the government and transport authorities to maximise service delivery, reach and efficiency not just for the metropolitan areas but Victoria as a whole. Greg manages a long list of state portfolios including Aboriginal Affairs, Agriculture, Employment, Industrial Relations, Treasury and Finance, Special Minister of State, Industry, Trade, Ports and Regional Development.

Greg has a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science.

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  • Felicitations

    Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) — I feel like this has been not only the most productive but the most fun year in the Legislative Council in my nine years, and that is for seven main reasons: the Presiding Officers' excellent work, which has made sure that the umpiring has been scrupulous this year; the staff of Parliament, who often exceed us in number but do their work very efficiently to make sure we can go on being political gladiators; the new Greens in Parliament —
  • Drought assistance

    Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) — The Greens are pleased to support this motion relating to drought conditions in regional Victoria, acknowledging the serious drought that is continuing to develop in Victoria and calling on the government to develop urgent assistance packages for farmers and country communities. Leaving aside the issue of an ill-considered tweet by the Minister for Agriculture, on which Mr Drum spent some time, what we have in front of us is a very serious problem requiring some very serious consideration by the house.
  • Port of Melbourne lease

    Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) — As a member of this committee and also as a Green, I went to the inquiry unconvinced that the privatisation of the port of Melbourne was a good idea for a number of reasons, and the longer the committee went on I collected more and more reasons to oppose the privatisation. It is for that reason that I opposed the main recommendation of the majority report — that the port be sold. However, if the port is to be sold, we think that a large number of the other amendments to the bill that are proposed — to the regulations and even to the associated deal — should certainly be made.
  • Climate change

    BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) — I find it absolutely astounding that any government at any level anywhere on Earth finds it possible to move forward with a policy of doing nothing on climate change. On Monday we will see a summit of world leaders, and federal environment minister Greg Hunt will be going there saying he does not need to do anything, because he is taking credit for actions that were taken in the past to reduce our emissions.


Greg Barber

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