Christine Fegebank

Candidate for Baldivis

Christine Fegebank is The Greens (WA) candidate for Baldivis in the 2017 WA election.


Currently working as a Medical Receptionist in a busy GP practice, I have called WA home for the past 18 years. Working in this area has allowed me to gain an on-the-ground insight into our current healthcare system, how it works and where it urgently needs to be improved. I’ve seen first-hand the vital role that healthcare plays in maintaining and sustaining communities like ours. I passionately believe that our healthcare system can and should be one of our greatest national assets and that government has a responsibility to invest in it, particularly in the areas of women’s health and mental healthcare.

As anybody who lives here knows, our community is growing fast. Baldivis is a young and vibrant district with so much to offer and so much potential. We boast some beautiful bushland, a buzzing local events scene and generate a considerable amount of energy from our rooftops. In order to build on our successes, we need to preserve those things which make our community great and invest in ourselves so that we can make the most of our growth and can continue to thrive. We need to defend and rehabilitate our remaining bushland, strike a better balance between development and conservation, ensure better facilities for our kids and young people and, most importantly, invest in the vital telecommunications and transport infrastructure and Baldivis so desperately needs.

It is outrageous that, in 2016, it is impossible to get a mobile or WiFi connection in so many parts of our community. Likewise, so much of Baldivis lacks a safe and properly connected footpath and bike lane network, forcing our kids to walk on busy roads and making public transport an impossible option for mums with prams, older people and people with disabilities. As a proud local, I will be a strong and effective voice for these and other issues.

As a passionate advocate for gender equality and equal representation for women I believe there is a pressing need for stronger female voices in politics and I hope that, by standing up to be a voice for my community, I can help draw attention to and break down those physical and societal barriers which prevent women from getting involved.

I am proud to stand with The Greens as we work to build a fairer, more sustainable and better connected community.

Christine Fegebank