Jody Freeman

Candidate for Kwinana

Jody Freeman is The Greens (WA) Candidate for Kwinana in the 2017 WA election.

Like so many others, for years I felt a growing frustration at the disconnect between what our government was doing and the values that so many WA residents hold dear. I grew tired of hearing that it wasn’t possible to have a strong economy as well as protect what makes WA the special place that it is, it’s people and it’s environment. In 2014 I was introduced by a friend to The Greens WA and their WA 2.0 vision and discovered the answer I had searched for all along, a party that had scientifically backed, costed, practical plans that showed that ideals of compassion and equality could run side by side with a prosperous and sustainable future for our state.

I want to ensure that our government is promoting a community filled with acceptance and unity, free from discrimination and policies which favour some whilst taking advantage of others. I am passionate about combatting all forms of discrimination, but particularly LGBTIQA+, racial, and gender based discrimination.

I started my career working in my father’s cake store at the age of 13 and have since worked my way up through a variety of small and large businesses and have also worked in animal welfare. I am currently a District Manager for a leading specialty retailer covering Kwinana and surrounds. In my role I see firsthand the effect that unemployment and a lack of strong support services is having on the community.  I know how important it is for workers to have great career opportunities and ensure their rights are protected.

I know what it takes to make businesses thrive and I want to see businesses get the support they need so they can best support the community and provide growth. With its long and proud history of industrial development, Kwinana is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the transition to a high-tech clean economy with strong training and industry support that can create the jobs we need and make the area a healthier place to live.

As a local resident of Wellard I see how development around central transport hubs and the protection of our beautiful nature reserves can facilitate a strong, inclusive community that encourages healthy and active living.

As a proud member of our community I can no longer watch from the sidelines while our government fails to make decisions that are in the best interests of our state’s people, economy or environment.

Supporting The Greens means supporting a future we will all be proud of, and standing up for what matters, when it matters most.

Jody Freeman


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