Lee-Anne Miles

Candidate for Kalamunda

Lee-Anne Miles is The Greens (WA) Candidate for Kalamunda in the 2017 WA election.

Lee-Anne Miles is the Australian Greens candidate for Kalamunda in the upcoming state election in Western Australia. I moved to North-West of WA at the age of nine. My family and I first lived in Tom Price and then moved to Karratha; both hot climates on red earth where spinifex thrives. I love the north of this state where I had a happy childhood in my large harmonious, fun, loud and culturally diverse family.

My parents taught all seven of us you can do anything if you try and so we tried a lot, mostly their patience, and did even more. It is from that background I learnt to give with all I have, be honest and open hearted. As a believer in vibrant local living I am committed to supporting ethical business and local focus for the long term viability of communities such as those in the Kalamunda electorate. Buying and supporting locally grown, made and owned is a big part of my lifestyle. One of the great pleasures in my life is to live in an area where diversity is still vailable in shopping, cafes and the lived environment.

As an advocate of inclusivity I am a strong supporter of the most vulnerable in our society. It is important to allow for a culturally diverse society and treat all sectors of the community respectfully, equally, fairly and with compassion. Those who need government support should be reated with compassion, understanding and as valuable members of the community.

As a small business owner and parent, I am aware of the time, financial and emotional pressure involved in balancing parental responsibility and work life. As a conscious human, I am aware of the need to live in harmony with my world and all those who share it with me.

Remember: Your vote is powerful, use it to show the major parties you want ethical, strong and compassionate representation.

Lee-Anne Miles