Liz Vaughan

Candidate for Kimberley

Liz Vaughan is The Greens (WA) Candidate for Kimberley in the 2017 WA election.

Archaeologist, environmental campaigner and Broome local Liz Vaughan will stand as the WA Greens Kimberley candidate for the March 2017 State Election.

Liz can trace her activism roots back to the very beginning of Save the Kimberley’s successful campaign to stop Woodside building a major gas hub at James Price Point, of which she was a core member from 2009.

In 2014 she co-founded the Aboriginal Heritage Action Alliance, which aims to raise awareness about the inadequacy of Aboriginal Heritage protection laws in Western Australia and advocate for legislative changes to ensure Aboriginal cultural assets and mythology are both recognised and protected.

Although born in Fremantle, Liz grew up in the Kimberley and currently works as a charter boat tour guide out of Broome. As such her knowledge of, and appreciation for, the Kimberley’s astounding natural beauty is second to none.

With the Greens, Liz would like to see sustainable pathways in terms of tourism, agriculture and fishing established for the Kimberley with primary input from people who live in the region; a positive economic future with job opportunities for local people in line with the region’s environmental and cultural assets and spirit.