Lynn MacLaren

Candidate for South Metropolitan

Lynn Maclaren is The Greens (WA) Upper House Candidate for the South Metropolitan region in the 2017 WA election.

As a Member for the South Metropolitan Region since 2009, Lynn has established herself as a passionate advocate for protecting the environment and has been a voice for the voiceless. She is a prominent leader in campaigns for the welfare and protection of animals and has been at the forefront of campaigns to protect sharks and to stop live exports. Lynn has introduced bills to increase protection of WA’s unique biodiversity from Carnaby’s Cockatoos to numbats and to protect the free range egg label. 

As transport spokesperson, Lynn introduced a bill for cyclists’ safety and has argued for better urban design and a Perth light rail network. Lynn first spoke out in Parliament against Roe 8 in 2005 and remains a steadfast supporter of Save Beeliar Wetlands and Rethink the Link. 

Well before the latest push for marriage equality, Lynn developed a bill for state-based same-sex marriage. She has argued for a more compassionate approach to homelessness, defended the right to protest and stood up for Safe Schools. 

Lynn has introduced a bill for leading-edge planning laws for coastal climate change adaptation and has actively supported campaigns against genetically modified crops.

In the next term, Lynn will continue to advocate for better protection for the environment by strengthening DPAW and DER and reinstating the science-focused climate change policy unit. She will work to ensure WA 2.0’s metropolitan transport vision with integrated light rail, heavy rail and bicycle networks is realised.

With a track record for improving biodiversity, Lynn will continue to speak up for animals. Lynn will focus on delivering the Greens Urban Forest strategy. Homelessness has worsened over the boom and bust cycle - Lynn will advocate for specific programmes to end homelessness in WA. Lynn will continue to work toward improving transparency in government decisionmaking, restoring genuine consultation and holding the government accountable to deliver on their election promises.

Lynn MacLaren

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