Michael Baldock

Candidate for Bunbury

Michael Baldock is The Greens (WA) Candidate for Bunbury in the 2017 WA election.

Michael has been partner in a structural engineering consultancy in the last 20 years working on projects throughout the South West. Community involvement is important to Michael and leadership roles include 7 years as P&C president of his local school of which he continues to serve as school board chair.

Apart from a period of studying in Perth and a short period working overseas in the oil and gas industry, Michael has lived along with his family in the South West.
Bunbury plays a critical role as the major population centre of the South West. Residents both in Bunbury and across the South West region rely on services such as health and education that are centred in Bunbury and in turn Bunbury also relies on those people and resources that surround it. 

Michael views the changes in employment opportunities with the unfolding increase in renewable energy generation as significant for Bunbury. The South West has been the dominant supplier of electricity to the metropolitan area but with Western Australia set to increase investment in renewable at the expense of fossil fuel based electricity generation, the South West must claim its share of new renewable energy generation with Bunbury being the centre for providing the engineering and construction expertise as it has in the past.

Bunbury is the gateway to the South West and for industries such as tourism and agriculture and Michael opposes the government’s push to develop gas extraction in the areas surrounding Bunbury. The opportunity is there to embrace the new growth sectors of renewables, health care and education and in doing so protect our environment and the characteristics of the area which make it such a great place to live.

Michael Baldock