Sarah Quinton

Candidate for Bassendean

Sarah Quinton is The Greens (WA) Candidate for Bassendean in the 2017 WA election.

I am a journalist, political media adviser and mum to a squishy baby boy. 

I spent my first 16 years growing up in Bassendean, attending Bassendean Primary School and got my first job at Bassendean Coles. 
After years of travelling the world, attending university and carving out a successful career as a writer, journalist and political media adviser in both State and Federal Parliaments, I have recently returned to my roots and bought a house in Bassendean with my family.

Since returning, I have sunk my teeth into various community groups, including the Nature Playground Community Working Group, The Urban Forest Community Working Group and was actively involved in the Community Working Group for the Landcorp Development.


Getting kids off their screens and out into nature…. 
As a kid, I enjoyed a free-range childhood and I want my kids to experience the good old days where they can ride their bikes and feel safe in our neighbourhoods. This means better use of our greens spaces for kids to play, free of litter and potential dangers and better street lighting.

By creating nature based play areas along the banks of river, kids can get dirty, immerse themselves in fresh water streams, and connect with the river and its animals. 
The council already has plans to establish a nature-based playground on the Ashfield Flats near Sandy Beach. As a member of the working group, I have been involved in drawing up a plan, which is very exciting!

Making Bassendean 100 per cent renewable...
I want to make Bassendean a carbon neutral, sustainable energy hub with renewable energy battery storage. Since 2001, Bassendean has installed 1483 solar panel systems or about 14 per cent of our structures so we still have a long way to go to becoming 100 per cent renewable. And it can happen. By harnessing local government’s ability to bulk buy, Bassendean businesses and buildings could be covered in solar panels, driving down the cost of energy for the council and its ratepayers. 

Bringing us all together
Art and music festival events would make Bassendean an even more exciting place to live, while also bringing in more revenue for local business. Building a sense of community through these types of events can bridge a gap for many people who experience mental health issues or a disability. Our community already has great events and I would continue and build on and promote these excellent programs. 

I have a youthful attitude that would appeal to ever increasing number of young couples and families moving to the Town of Bassendean. With better eating and night-life options we wouldn’t have to travel to the city. We can do this with more small bars and restaurants.

Sarah Quinton


Joondalup Door Knock #17

Saturday February 25, 2017 at 09:30 AM


Admiral Park Admiral Grove in HEATHRIDGE, Western Australia


Churchlands Door Knock #17

Saturday February 25, 2017 at 09:30 AM


Luketina Park Buntine Road in WEMBLEY DOWNS, Western Australia


East Metro Maylands Morning Door Knock - 25.02.2017

Saturday February 25, 2017 at 09:45 AM


MacCaulay Park Corner of Hamer Parade and Dundas Road in INGLEWOOD, Western Australia


Fremantle Day Of Action

Saturday February 25, 2017 at 10:00 AM


Rennie Crescent and Carrington Street in HILTON, Western Australia