Your representatives

Christine Milne, Senator for Tasmania and Leader of the Australian Greens, is one of Australia's most experienced and respected environmental and community activists, with a career spanning 30 years. Read more at her website.

Federal MPs

Scott Ludlam

Senator for WA

Scott Ludlam is an Australian Greens Senator for Western Australia. 

Rachel Siewert

Senator for WA

Senator Rachel Siewert is a dynamic member of the Australian Greens in Parliament who works hard for people both at home in WA and across the country.

Christine Milne
Christine Milne

Senator for Tasmania

Christine Milne, Australian Greens Leader and Senator for Tasmania, is one of Australia's most experienced and respected environmental and community activists

Senator Peter Whish-Wilson
Peter Whish-Wilson

Senator for Tasmania

Peter Whish-Wilson is an economist, owner and manager of a successful vineyard business in northern Tasmania, and a tireless advocate for Tasmania's stunning natural environment.

Adam Bandt, MP for Melbourne
Adam Bandt

Deputy Leader, MP for Melbourne

I'm standing up for what matters and I helped deliver Denticare and the Clean Energy Act for Australia.

Sarah Hanson-Young
Sarah Hanson-Young

Senator for South Australia

Sarah is a strong supporter of marriage equality and refugee rights in the Federal Parliament. She has fought to protect SA’s precious water resources and quality early education across the country.

Larisssa Waters, Senator for Queensland
Larissa Waters

Senator for Queensland

I'm passionate about protecting our environment, caring for communities, and public participation and accountability in government.

Richard di Natale

Senator for Victoria

My portfolios include health, multiculturalism, gambling and sport. As a GP, my key health priorities include preventative health, public dental care and the health impacts of climate change.

Senator Lee Rhiannon
Lee Rhiannon

Senator for NSW

I'm committed to improving the education system and I've been involved with the environment and social justice movements for more than four decades.

Senator Penny Wright

Senator for South Australia

Penny is a voice for those who often go unheard and has always been involved in working for the public good – including supporting public education, transport and broadcasting

Janet Rice - Senator for Victoria
Janet Rice

Senator for Victoria

Janet Rice is a climate scientist, passionate cyclist and a founding member of the Victorian Greens. She is committed to standing up for the environment, sustainable transport and social justice.