Building a Better Normal

In these unprecedented times, the decisions we make now will shape the future of our society.

If the bushfires and the pandemic have shown us anything, it's that business as usual cannot continue.

While the old parties are seeking a return to normal, the ACT Greens have a plan to use this once in a lifetime opportunity to redress the inequalities and injustices inherent in our current systems - to build a better normal.

That means bringing the same boldness, decisiveness, and energy we brought to achieving 100% renewable electricity to reimagining our community in a way that benefits everyone for decades to come.

We will invest heavily in living infrastructure and neighbourhood facilities, to ensure our city remains liveable in a changing climate.

We will give the community more control with our Neighbourhood Democracy package, Australia’s largest participatory budget program. 

We will transform how we get around by connecting every suburb in Canberra to an offroad walking and cycling network, and heal our land and bush with our Caring for Country conservation package

We will ensure the ACT drives climate action in Australia, kickstarting an electric vehicle, green housing, and green infrastructure revolution.

Finally, we will ensure everyone in our community has a decent home. 

The solutions are here in our policies, and we have the courage, ambition, and leadership required to see them through.

Key Initiatives

🏠 A $450 million dollar housing package, to end homelessness and ensure everyone in the ACT has a home
💚 Kickstart Australia’s electric vehicle, green housing, and green infrastructure revolution
🌿 Establish a Repairing the Land conservation package, to heal and rejuvenate our land and bush
🚵‍♀️ Lead a Cycling Revolution to connect every suburb in Canberra with well-lit offroad walking and cycling paths
👩‍💻 More flexible working conditions, including the option to work partly from home and four-day working weeks
📝 Begin Australia’s largest participatory budgeting program, to give the community more say on how their suburb develops
🌳 Reach 30% tree canopy coverage across the ACT by planting and caring for hundreds of thousands of trees


Our Plan

A Home for All
Green Jobs Package
Building our Neighbourhoods
Real Climate Action
Our Ecosystems
A Canberra for Everyone

Our Candidates