Greens MLA Johnathan Davis has today welcomed much of the ACT Government’s response to the Select Committee into Cost of Living Pressures report, while noting that governments at all levels must go further to address the growing inequality in our society.   

“Canberra is a great place to live, unless you’re broke,” said Johnathan Davis MLA, Member for Brindabella and Chair of the Assembly Select Committee into Cost of Living Pressures.

“When the cost of living rises, it impacts many  Canberrans. But for Canberrans already living on the margins, the rising cost of living hits harder, showing that this isn’t just a cost of living crisis – this is an inequality crisis.”

“More and more Canberrans are slipping into the margins, with people who have never had to ask for help like accessing support services or discounts.

“This is why it’s so important for the Government to step in and ensure a more equal Canberra.

“The Select Committee into Cost of Living Pressures provided a pathway for the ACT Government to tackle this inequality crisis – making 52 recommendations across whole-of-government, and I’m pleased to see the ACT Government has adopted many of the Committee’s recommendations.”

The ACT Government today formally responded to the report– agreeing to 4 recommendations, agreeing in principle to 12 recommendations, noting 11 recommendations and stating 25 recommendations relate to existing government policy.” 

“Information is power. I’m pleased to see the ACT Government  invest more into the promotion of available discounts, concessions and rebates –  particularly reforming the ACT Government cost of living website and expanding the eligibility of the Utilities Concession Scheme.”

 “Housing is the biggest contributor to the inequality crisis and investing in public housing is one of the best things the ACT Government can do to address this issue. I’m pleased the ACT Government has agreed to honour the Parliamentary & Governing Agreement commitment to increased the public housing portfolio by 400 properties by 2025.

“I am pleased to see the Assembly’s Committee process driving efforts to tackle inequality and I am committed to continuing this important work to stand up for the most vulnerable in our community. ,” Mr Davis concluded.

Johnathan Davis MLA is available for comment.


·         On Thursday 9th February 2023, the Assembly established a Select Committee into Cost of Living Pressures.

·         Johnathan Davis MLA was appointed Chair of the Committee.

·         The committee received 35 submissions.

·         On Wednesday 12th April 2023 and Thursday 13th April 2023, the Committee held two full days of public hearings.

·         On Thursday 11th May 2023, the Committee presented its report in the Assembly.

·         The Committee made 52 recommendations to the ACT Government to address cost of living pressures.

·         On Thursday 12th September 2023, the ACT Government responded to the Committee’s report.