Will the real leader of the Canberra Liberals please stand up?


Johnathan Davis, ACT Greens spokesperson for Drug Harm Reduction responds to the Canberra Liberals robocalls on drug decriminalisation.  

Today Johnathan Davis MLA spoke to the media about last night’s robocall poll by the Canberra Liberals on the Drugs of Dependence (Personal Use) Amendment Bill 2021.

This comes as the ACT Legislative Assembly’s Select Committee, of which Mr Davis is a member, concludes public hearings on the bill which seeks to decriminalise the personal possession of drugs.

Leader of the Canberra Liberals, Elizabeth Lee, has told the Canberra Times that she had no involvement in the survey and it was being conducted on behalf of Senator Seselja”.

Quotes attributed to Johnathan Davis MLA, ACT Greens spokesperson for Drug Harm Reduction

“When the 25 members elected to serve Canberrans in this Legislative Assembly are trying to have an informed, evidence based and nuanced conversation with the Canberra community we don’t need a hard lined socially conservative senator trying to rile up discontent and outrage in our community.

“Be it on territory rights, voluntary assisted dying or now on the bill before us on drug decriminalisation, the Legislative Assembly is big enough and ugly enough to deal with these issues. We do not need Senator Seselja’s involvement. 

“Senator Seselja’s continued intrusion into territory politics demonstrates that Ms Lee’s appointment as leader is a trojan horse for the hard line social conservatives that are embedded within the DNA of the Canberra Liberals. 

“Someone needs to tell me who is actually leading the Canberra Liberals. Who is my political opponent, because at this point I feel convinced that my political opponent is Senator Zed Seselja - will the real leader of the Canberra Liberals please stand up?”